Nicky's Chip Challenge


Let me know when you have started.


I feel like @Eric is setting up the scene from “A Few Good Men” when Tom Cruise’s character goads Jack Nicholson’s character into saying he ordered the code red.

I just can’t figure out if @Eric is Tom Cruise or Jack Nicholson in this equation. But I feel like I can hear @Eric saying, “You don’t want the truth because deep down in places you don’t talk about at parties, you want me on [FUD]. You need me on [FUD]. We use words like [basal rates, experiments, independent thinking]. We use these words as the backbone of a life spent [as a Diabadass]. You use them as a punchline. I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very [diabetes wisdom] that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it!”




@T1Allison! You were for real about this!! :rofl::rofl::sob::rofl:

Wow. Okay.

But here is the question. If I were to buy a second bag… :thinking:


Yes, that would definitely help you understand it.


I was leaning more toward… and opened it and ate from it while the first one remained closed for eternity, but I won’t take advantage of the lack of detail in order to continue my trashy addiction. I’ll go have my chip as soon as I get home, seal it up, and be done. Women can do these kinds of things. We just can.

I would like to know your prediction. It’s going to bug me not to know… and I already know it’s one of two things: that I won’t make it through the night, or, having been cured by a clever man, that the bag will remain forever sealed. Just like to know how you’ve got me pegged. :wink:


Let’s not get carried away. See if you can make it past dinner. That would be huge.



Challenge accepted. :grin:



I think the question was who he is not who he thinks he is.

Regardless. It’s chip time.


You are who you think you are.


I don’t think this is the case at all, but has anyone verified that @Thomas isn’t @Eric?? :thinking:

Really though— I’m only kidding. I didn’t think that was any challenge at all until putting just the one chip in my mouth. So it’s done, but I am kind of in a bad mood, which I know I could fix… by getting another.

Damn it, Eric/Thomas/Yoda or whoever you really are. That was pretty clever, and I’m not even sure you meant that part to be hard. :rofl:


One of us can run a marathon while checking and dosing.

The other stops halfway up the stairs for a breather.

I am not saying who is who…



I am not getting anything done tonight. Not one thing. That’s great. Thank you for the laugh. :grin:


Did you write the time on the bag?


And took a picture. One hour down. And a minute.


I am sorry you are having to go through this. I know it is tough.

But don’t worry, it will all be over soon.

I am only doing this because you need to see how much control those things have over you, and how you are unable to resist them.


Definitely Jack Nicholson.


In a weird way, I was wondering about the inception of a single potato chip challenge - then it hit me! early 80’s Lays potato chip challenge.


Nice, @elver! I thought about this one…

I bet that’s what @Nickyghaleb looks like when she eats chips.


@T1Allison I assume you are referencing the young girl and not the guy in the wife beater, lol. Definitely can see the thumb action though! FLIP!!