DM and Eric get some appetizers

I was thrilled to be able to meet up with DM for a few “appetizers” at some restaurants in Brooklyn this past weekend…


I am not sure of the name of this place, but I think this is where we started. I don’t even know the name of what I got, but it was lamb and I also got some unidentified noodle thingy and greens and potatoes. DM got the chicken.


I love this! So glad you guys got a chance to meet IRL!


and PS: DM loaded up with an obscene amount of sweet potatoes. ( employing the double bolus)

(and it was 1/2 a roasted chicken)


Oh how awesome! Love this!


We didn’t get pictures of all the places we ate (I think we actually got food from 8 different restaurants before we got finally got kicked out and sent home).

The next thing I ate was half a sandwich from a Jewish deli. Was that Katz’s Delicatessen? I think it was either pastrami, but I don’t remember. DM, what was that?

Then I got a pierogi, from Pierogi Boys.

I kept having to get more food because DM kept eating some of whatever I bought. So I finally had to get more plates and forks so she could have some. :grinning:

Here is us in front of some Jamaican place where I got jerk chicken that I could eat for our walk to the next restaurant.


Carb totals? Or did you track it?

Well, after giving it a seconds thought…I guess it would have been VERY hard to track given that you don’t know any of the ingredients. But how much did you have to bolus and how did it work out BG wise?


After a short walk, we were finally ready to start eating for real.

Here we are at Papaya King.



It is known as “the best hotdog in New York”. And I am not going to argue with Julia Child about food. :wink:



In addition to the dogs, I got two smoothie things they had. Those were incredible. The best thing I ever drank.


DM was asking about ingredients. And she wrote BG numbers down and took notes. I just ate.

I have no idea of the total. I also had 2 smoothies and a shake and some cheesecake.

DM, do you want to take a stab at the total carbs?

I didn’t spike until 4 am, and I was prepared for that. I bumped by basal up to 150% before bed and at 4am I hit another bolus to be ready for it.

I took a little insulin on the subway before meeting DM and her husband, to get a good downward trend going. And then a little more as soon as I saw food. And then a few more times throughout the night. My total bolus was 22 units, which is a lot for me.



Just the way we like it. This is EXACTLY what I want for Liam when he’s all grown up.


I want to tell you the “secret” prep-work that makes this possible. I work hard at it, and so does DM. You’ve seen her posts about it. It is not a coincidence that we both do something that make this possible…


We eventually ended up getting dessert. We went to Junior’s first, and then to a shake place.

@daisymae, what was that place called? Shake Shack or something like that?

We wound out the evening going to a restaurant known for their soup. That place was called Theresa’s. I had leak soup and a raspberry ice tea, which I needed just because I was low. :hushed:




Awesome. I love how excited Eric gets about food… he’s like a fat kid in a candy store

We really should all plan a big meet-up


It was awesome to be able to meet one of my FUD heroes - @daisymae - in person. I loved how she did not stress about anything, just checked her BG and ate without any worries! It was great to meet her in person.

DM, do you have a guess on carbs? I have no idea.

I had something from that first place, don’t remember, but noodles and lamb
1/2 a big sandwich
the pierogis (I think I ate 4 of them. Those were good!)
jerk chicken
1 hot dog
2 smoothies (maybe 1 1/2 smoothies, because you drank some of them. :smile: Those were incredible.)
1 small piece of cheesecake
1 strawberry malt
a little bit of soup
sweet tea

I think it was 8 places total. Am I forgetting anything?


we ate a small cheesecake pie at JUNIOR’S. then, yup, we went to SHAKE SHACK for a strawberry malted ice cream shake.

eric started out with a lamb dish (this was us just getting started) and i ate 1/2 a roasted chicken and about a pound of sweet potatoes. then we ate at KATZ’S and had a pastrami sandwich on Rye with mustard (my husband shared the other half). then we went for Perogies and some strange flavored sodas, then we went out of the food mall to Papaya Kind and ordered 2 dogs with all the fixings and had (i think) 3 different fruit shakes: papaya (obviously) coconut pina colada, and a mango. then we walked to Shake Shack for ice cream malteds and then to Theresa’s for soup and more perogies. (this was an authentic Polish restaurant and their food is awesome). this is where they were shutting down the restaurant and had to polightly ask us to leave; yup, we got kicked out. :blush:

how much did I bolus? well, i started out with 6 units split over 2 hours 40% up front and 60% square. i added as we went along. all in all i think i bolused about 10 units. i bolused for 130 gms of food. i am not certain how much eric bolused for. (just that it was a lot, b/c he kept whipping out his dexcom and showing me how his BG never rose above 50 :wink: )

does that cover it, Eric? i think i got it all.


I think you got it! That’s the way I remember it.

I didn’t get any pizza though. :frowning_face:


next time we’ll get the pizza. its just that by the time we were walking over to the Polish place, everything was closed. and, i didnt want to get a lousy slice of pizza while you were in BKLYN. i wanted you to experience the BEST.


This thread is amazing! :grin:


I was only in New York for 24 hours. I got to see Radio City Music
Hall, Rockefeller Center, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, Times Square, Grand Central Station, and the Brooklyn Bridge. I went to the top of the Freedom Tower - One World Trade Center, I got to see the World Trade Center Memorial. I ran in Central Park and rode in the subway. And the highlight was meeting the Unlimited Mermaid herself, @daisymae !

To top it all off, on the way home I found out the captain of my flight was an old friend of mine who is a Delta pilot. He let me sit in the cockpit and get a picture. It was a great way to round out the trip.


Eric, we could always always send you a pizza pie from Fascotti’s or, if you prefer (or want both) there is always Spamoni Gardens (which is the thick square pizza). (just like when we sent you the large size Cheesecake from Junior’s ) (LOL )

and to all the rest of you, NYC is the place to be for all of us D-foodies. so, if anyone is planning on coming to the east coast, we’re here; just us, DM and Bobby and our crazy cat, Oscar Wilde. (did i ever post a pic of him on this site? i dont remember doing so…)