What Can't You Eat?

Ok, so I woke up this morning and my Bg was 60. By the time I was ready to leave the house it was below 40. 26g and 20 minutes later I had it up to 68 (on the meter, not the Dexcom), so I left the house.

I was hungry and thought it a perfect opportunity to eat some breakfast junk. Stopped into Burger King and got two croissant with sausage and cheese sandwiches. (I love a bargain, 2 for $4!)

Long story short, I have been bolusing about 16-20 units every three hours this morning and the lowest I’ve gotten is 150. (56 units to be exact). And I haven’t eaten anything else today.

So I guess breakfast sandwiches are off of my list now. No big loss, but consternating nonetheless.

What is off of your list now that caused no problems previously?


But in fairness to the BK stuff, the 26g you had before leaving the house was a part of that rise too, wasn’t it? You went from 40 to 68, so if you hadn’t eaten the BK, you might have kept going up anyway.

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BK croissant sandwiches 30g each… so 60 plus the 26g before leaving the house is 86… am I understanding correctly that you didn’t bolus for any of it until after your bg skyrocketed?

26g to treat a low without bolus would have catapulted me to well over 200 on its own.

More and more it seems I just can’t eat any kind of bread and expect acceptable results


@Eric Generally if I’m in a deep low and drink 8oz. of o.j.(26g) it will take me to about 100 and no further. Also, it’s effect seems to subside after about an hour.

I’m sure this episode is due to the yummy croissants.

If considering fat and protein. 30g carbs, 18g protein @ 50%, 30g fat @ 10% would give 42 g equivalent carbs times two is 84 g plus the 26 g from early morning (assuming no fat/protein in the morning so as to bump the BG faster) is 110 g carbs which would (for us) be relatively slow hitting. And for us once the BG crosses about 180~200 then the ratios start changing so as to require more insulin to achieve the same result.


No, I ate the sandwiches at about 8am, and bolused 20 units at 8:20 with my Bg at 75. 16 units at 11:00 with Bg at 150, and 20 units at 2:40 with Bg still at 150.

I’m now at 177 at 3:20. If it’s still the same in an hour then another 20 unit bolus will follow. But my xDrip+ prediction curve right now has me landing at 70 by 6:00.

I’ve managed to avoid counting protein and fat thus far, maybe it’s time…


@Thomas I eat a pretty large percentage of fat and protein and do not bolus for it. Never seemed to make any difference.

Edit: I do seem to have some T2 tendencies don’t I? Maybe the c-peptide test I took that showed nothing measurable was bogus.

Tomorrow try another two BK sausage, egg and cheese croissants. Ask them to hold the sausage, egg & cheese.
See if they hit you any differently.


From now on I plan to only do that vicariously :frowning:

I don’t tend to factor in fat in my dosing except for speed (fattier things usually require slightly less insulin lead time/may require more insulin later), but 60g of fat is a lot of fat… like eating 3 cups of avocado (plus all the carbs and protein). I don’t know that I have a good sense of how that would play out for me. Might well require a different approach, such as dosing for some of that.

Well, it’s 4:20 and Bg is 190! Another 20 unit bolus going in now (about half of it is a rage bolus).

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Well, there’s the old joke that what you can’t eat is something with poison :slight_smile:

Last weekend I did have a DQ BBQ sandwich, supposedly 60g, and it put me on a 300 point rollercoaster swing the rest of the day.


Cereal…at least not yet. I haven’t managed to stay under 200 with various attempts at different dosing strategies.

Give it up. Diabetes and cereal don’t mix unless you’re going to massively over bolus like an hour in advance or snort an absurd amount of afrezza. No human being should be eating cereal.

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Cereal can be great for treating a low, although if you eat much, you’ll need to take insulin with it to cover the rest.

That’s the only thing it can be great for… talk about the one thing that evolution absolutely hasn’t prepared human beings to eat, yet so many do every day… and we wonder why we get sicker and sicker

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It’s so delicious though. Not going to lie, if my diabetes were cured entirely tomorrow, I’d probably celebrate with a week of gaining 5 lbs entirely from cereal, no regrets.


I often treat lows with Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Krispies. Good stuff.

See, I only need ~4-8g carbs to treat my lows, so…lol a tablespoon of cereal? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: