First > 300 since I can remember!

We tried something new this morning for him, for breakfast - cinnamon toast crunch cereal with milk. His brothers eat it and until now we’ve not given it to him but we tried it this morning…less than 1/4 cup, and it sent him skyrocketing. He was double arrows up until 297, then slowed down to single arrow now at 301. So looks like we have some work to do with this cereal so he can enjoy it w/o the spike! Yay! Experiment/Test time! :sweat_smile:

I would gladly follow and participate in cereal experiments. I’m determined to be able to enjoy an occasional bowl of cereal again, but as it is, “cereal” for me has lately been something like nuts, blueberries/strawberries, coconut flakes, and almond butter with some almond milk poured over it. Not at all the same as my beloved granola or fruity pebbles. :laughing:

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He’ll eat them again tomorrow, then every morning afterward until we figure out what works. :grin: We’ll start with 50% more bolus tomorrow and see how that goes. I’ve already bumped him twice at .30 each so we’ll put that up front and see how it goes.

Cereal does the same to me. I definitely load up on Afrezza with cereal.

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Every food, I believe, can be correctly dosed…I firmly believe that the winning formula is Success = Time + Patience + Figuring out all the ways NOT to do it.


I tried cereal with Afrezza, and still experienced my usual issue of spiking once the Afrezza wore off, which I didn’t expect since cereal is just simple sugar.

Do you find that what you end up needing to correct with is what you should have dosed to begin with? Example: this morning I dosed my usual 1:25 and ate 25 carbs, spiked to 144, dosed a unit to bring it back under 100. Does that mean I likely needed 2 units instead of the 1 I dosed?

Cold cereal for us requires a 45 minute pre-bolus to avoid a very large spike.


I would never be able to eat cereal with liquid insulin and maintain any semblance of control. I do ok sometimes with afrezza


Yes. Often times this is exactly what we find. That’s why we just have to test, test, test. Once we figure out the “full dose” required (short and long term), we work to plug the numbers into the right dosing strategy, then it generally prevents the massive spikes.

I’ll add that into my testing methodologies. We generally do 30 minutes pre-bolus via Extended bolus

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He finally leveled off (for now) at 323. So lots of work to do! :smiley:

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I can eat Cheerios if I really load up on bolus. But my favorite, Grape Nuts, wouldn’t work even with a whole vial of novolog.

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I’m finally figuring out the pre-bolus timing and additional dosages needed for simple carbs using Novolog - like @Thomas, 45+ minutes has given me good results lately. That plus extra insulin. Like yesterday - pre-bolusing what usually would be for 52 carbs, waited 45 mins, ate my 30 carbs of apple and peanut/almond butters, and went from 117 pre to 107 1hr post. First time it’s been under 130 after that snack.

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My goal is to keep it under 180 “on the spike”. (ie - highest recorded point on the Dex cgm)

Once it crosses 180 then it throws the I:C ratio off and we will need more insulin.

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Ah, breakfast cereal!

Quick off-topic ramble…

Man, there are so many of them which are basically just bowls of sugar formed into cute little shapes! I love them too.

You may recall, the cereal “Sugar Frosted Flakes”. They removed the word “sugar” from the name in 1983, as people were becoming more aware of sugar issues. Like taking sugar out of the name would fool anyone!

But Cookie Crisp was more “in your face”. They didn’t change their name. They were basically saying, “Yes, our cereal is just like eating a bowl of cookies…”. :smile:


Back to the topic of your post…

This is a tough one. It’s kinda like a milkshake.

Sometimes I eat sugar cereals like Cocoa Krispies and Cap’n Crunch. But, I don’t do it for breakfast. I eat them to treat low BGs. Something to consider. If he is low sometime, give him a bit more insulin and a bowl of cereal, and it will be easier.

If you want to do it for breakfast, like @Thomas said, a very early pre-bolus is the way to go. Have him dropping before he starts to eat.


Mine is to stay under 200, so very similar goals. I usually do a bump immediately when I see the double arrows. If that’s 140, that’s when I bump. If it’s 180, that’s when. If it’s single arrow at 180 I wait it out to see if it’s going to cross 200…if it crosses 200 with a single arrow, then I bump. Eventually we’ll bring those targets down, but for a toddler, there’s a fine line between just right and crashing bg’s.

I love Cinnamon Toast Crunch! I haven’t had it in a long time, but its my favorite. I’m sure that I’d at least get to 250 if I ate a bowl of it now…

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I’m not planning to try for breakfast, either. That’s my worst time of day, BG wise. When you say you treat lows with cereal, do you mean just straight up eat to treat, or you dose more insulin then eat? Just curious, if you dose more, does your ICR change if low and what’s the timing of the bolus? Right as you eat?

It depends on how low and how much am eating.

I do sometimes take insulin when I am low because of how much I plan to eat when treating that low. That’s one of the things that looks silly on pump records. “You were 50 and took insulin?!!?!” :grinning:

But sometimes just a small bowl of cereal with no insulin works okay too. Just depends.

I think this is true for most people. The higher you are, the smaller that ratio becomes.
(ex, 1:25 when low versus 1:5 when high, or something like that.)

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Like if you were planning on having a meal anyway…


Although I still remember the remains of the choco cake you posted in one of your raids.