Random D thoughts

I’d like to have a thread of random diabetes musings. There is no worry of hijacking this thread, because it has no subject, other than whatever random D thought comes across your mind…

The ADA recommends glucose tablets, gummy’s, Life Savers, a spoon of jelly or honey, or fruit juice to treat a low.

A margarita works perfectly fine. I guess it’s because the lime juice in there counts as a fruit juice, right? And technically, tequila and triple sec are also fruit juices too. Thanks ADA!


The DDA (Docslotnick Diabetes Association) recommends DONUTS to treat a low). Fruit juice is good as a chaser.


I like the DDA’s recommendation best!

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Things are usually alright, until they aren’t.


when i have a low, my go-to fix is Lindt Chocolate with Sea Salt; another is dark chocolate covered espresso beans. they work like a charm, although they don’t work quickly. sometimes i look forward to going low just to justify being able to eat either of these.

(obviously, i could bolus and then eat them without having to go low :wink: )

of course, i like eric’s rationalization the best.

If someone could invent reusable test strips that would be awesome. But they would go out of business, because everyone would buy only 1 or 2 strips instead of 300 a month. So the business would end up failing.

It’s kind of like the guy who invented the incredibly strong and permanent glue. Nobody could open the jar that contained the glue…


Can someone recommend some way to wake up multiple times at night and not feel like a zombie? I feel like coffee is a crutch that doesn’t work so well.

Obviously, the other option is to create some kind of robot that automatically squirts juice into sleeping mouths if BG numbers get too low. Right now I could really use that.


My 7 y/o daughter randomly said to me the other day, “dad, you know your friend Eric, the one who has diabetes? Is he funny?” I’m not even sure how she knew who you are…


As an anniversary present, my wife got a mini fridge for the bedroom so the nighttime lows would be easier to manage. Not sure if that helps you any. Maybe pre-measured containers with a straw.

Of course, along with juice containers, I also put beer in the mini fridge. Maybe that would help you too.


It’s kind of funny to look at changes in doses over the years. It’s like looking at a growth chart where you mark the child’s height against the wall.


Would I rather be at 60 consistently or at 130 consistently?

60 for me!

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I’m sure that would be the overwhelming sentiment around here. But I’m equally sure that the overwhelming majority choice of our endos would be 130.

So what’s wrong with that picture?

I’m not sure—I’d have to test it out and see how it makes me feel. I’d definitely choose steady 70 without a problem though—if I could eliminate the risk of lows somehow (or like, guarantee I’d only have one low every week or two or whatever max, regardless), I’d target the 70s. That said, 130 steadily might still be quite good, and I wonder whether the stability might mean improved results over someone with simply an average of 130.

Diabetes is a lot like driving a stick shift… when you’re a kid and first learning, or trying to teach a kid, there’s a lot of stalling and over revving the engine… but eventually you figure it out and it becomes second nature…


Interesting that the Medtronic 670G only lets you choose two targets for their automated closed loop thingy, 120 or 150.

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well, our kiddo definitely feels fine at 130 and definitely feels low at 60, so I am not sure if that’s because we’re taught to “run him high” or if toddlers genuinely do need to avoid the 60s to feel okay. For us, 65 or less seems to be when lows feel symptomatic for him.

Liam doesn’t feel 60’s, or even 50’s…at least as far as we can tell from how he’s communicated his feelings to us when we’ve asked him, while in those ranges. There was twice that he was even legitimately 40 and he said he felt in the normal range. I’ve begun testing him more frequently during the highs and lows especially to try and get a sense of how his body feels…so far, his only answer has been “I feel OK” or “I feel regular”. One time his CGM read 100 and he came to me and said “Papa, I feel low.” So I jumped too and checked his sugars…he was 118.

It’s obvious he’s still got some self awareness to begin being able to feel UNLESS he genuinely just isn’t feeling any different when he’s obviously high or low (via finger stick).

Sometimes it’s not the actual number but the dropping that you feel!


Yes for sure~~ Samson often feels low in the 80s or 70s if he’s dropping really fast. Sure enough, 10 minutes later he is low… it’s definitely the rate of change.

Even as a non-diabetic, I’ve noticed I get that hypo feeling often after eating something sugary without a lot of other nutritional heft… I have tested a few times and am always normal, but I’m guessing what made me feel ill was the crash.