Survival mode

I had a little bit of a mess up last night that ended with a big low. This was the result:

It’s a little bit hard to tell from the picture, but this is not a cupcake, or a mini-cake, it is (or was) a full sized chocolate cake…

PWD’s already know the experience, but I wanted to share it with parents and spouses just to make sure they are aware of it. When you are self-treating a low, survival instincts can sometimes just completely take over. You don’t really think about it, you just do it. So if you ever see something like this, don’t be mad at your child or spouse!

My wife is very understanding about this type of thing.

BTW, there was no silverware involved in the event! Hands worked just fine all by themselves! :crazy_face:


What did you eat and dose for an hour or two before that led you to destroy your wife’s cake?


A plate of Mexican food and a pitcher of Margarita’s, with 6 units.

I think they used diet Margarita mix or something like that, because I was totally gone. Usually that meal combo is not a problem.

I will have to ask next time. How do you say “diet” in Spanish?!


Lol that would have been a whole lot more insulin than that for me… and I still wouldn’t have gotten desert. I just took 7u for a sandwich on regular wheat bread and a salad… and I’m taking another U right now


If it was really low you would have just buried your face on it. Kind of like the time I took a bite out of an orange juice carton.


Do you remember it enough to at least have enjoyed the ingestion, or were you in full beast mode?

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That’s the sad thing. I remember “doing”, but I don’t remember “enjoying”.

I didn’t realize this, but my wife just told me. She said this morning the counter-top was a huge mess. Chocolate frosting and crumbs everywhere. She cleaned it up for me. I didn’t even know that.


This makes me think of the time I ate an entire box of Fruit Loops (as in I opened it and finished it in one sitting) when I had an extreme low. I don’t even like Fruit Loops :woman_shrugging:


@Eric, I remembered this photo when I was recovering from a low during which I shoved in way too many glucose tabs and inhaling an Afrezza to counteract them. :crazy_face:

Hoping you are well…miss you on FUD. :doughnut: