I don’t know how you parents of kiddos with diabetes do this. I just took ours to Trialnet for the first time, and our sweet baby proved a difficult stick. And now the wait. Guessing they will be negative for antibodies, but it’s simply awful being the reason why they need testing.

And your sweet babies get stuck all the time.


As they get older most of them get more receptive to being bribed with ice cream

Ah, there is nothing like the day you think all I have is a finger stick A1c, and instead the doctor has ordered up a full draw for some reason. Even more fun is the day they tell you all you need is a finger stick, and hand your kiddo an alcohol wipe ahead of the finger stick and your son looks him in the eye and says “What is this for?” with genuine interest.

I believe there are a bunch of venipuncture specialists in the Oregon area that must think we are animals…


I bet the ones who have diabetes don’t think that. I’ve even had a cde tell me alchohol wipes are a waste of time. Does anyone actually use them? I might use them if I was out fishing or something and my hands were filthy… otherwise forget about it

@Irish, Did you get a result?

Thanks for checking! Waiting til this Friday to call.

It took my results several weeks to come back I do not remember exactly how long but it was not super fast

I’m struggling with this, too. Last week, my daughter was in the ER a couple times, and had to have an IV for blood draws/fluids. The stick was awful, the fluids…horrific. She cried and screamed the whole time. Naturally, I had just gotten my kids’ first TrialNet boxes in a couple days before all that started, and now I can’t imagine putting her through the blood draw for testing. :cry: How do you parents who do TrialNet handle it with little ones (mine are 1 and 3)?

Just tell them you’ll take them out for ice cream afterward. They’ll throw a fit during the draw but seconds later they’re totally over it…

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Good news @Irish, @TiaG and everyone else… you can do trialnet with an at-home pinker poke collection now. We just did ours last night and sent it off today. It was a little intimidating since it’s a one shot deal… so hopefully we did it close enough to right. It seemed to go ok. Certainly beats a 500 mile drive this time of year…