What has two thumbs, a cute smile and ZERO T1 antibodies!

This guy!!!

I know that doesn’t guarantee Samson’s little brother won’t get type 1, but it’s nice to have some of that risk decreased a little. I’m sure I’ll still hold my breath just a little right around this time next year when it’s time to take the TrialNet test, but for now it’s a huge relief.


He’s beautiful. :heart::heart: Congratulations!


An aspiring Beethoven, there! :slight_smile:


Nice! Were you guys able to do the new finger-poke collection or did you have to do the blood draw. I’m really looking forward to the do-it-yourself finger poke instead of the 600 mile drive to the nearest quest lab this year


so we debated doing the do-it-yourself but I asked how often the test has to be repeated due to not collecting enough blood/not getting usable antibody results and they said a fair amount of time. Plus then WE would have to be the ones holding him down to do something rather unpleasant, rather than having hospital staff to assist.

And since he already had to do the blood draw for his lead/anemia tests it seemed like a good time. Next year we will probably do the at-home version though.


I am picturing it being similar to the older relion Mail-in A1C tests where you have to saturate a patch (I could be wrong) but yeah it wasn’t easy to get right… I think you just gotta be completely certain you had a big fat puddle of blood before you applied, because it’s a one-shot deal… other things like doing it when their hands are nice and warm etc will probably help too


Wow! I feel like you just had a baby the other day and moved. Clearly time has passed and I’m not keeping up.

Great news though!

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Oh, @TiaG, these are such great news and I am so pleased to read this! Mazel Tov!