Got a package today

They’re AWESOME! Thanks @Eric! I love them! They’re going to make accessing these strips much easier…especially at night when I check Liam’s sugars in the dark…feeling around in that test strip tube for ONE strip is a pain.

You are the man!

Pic 1

Pic 2

Thanks so much. <3


@Eric, you are a WONDERFUL guy!


You are welcome.

They are all out in the mail. You Alaska and Oregon boys may have to wait a few more days…


I always put mine with the sample side of the strip down in the holder, to protect it from humidity and anything else that can get on them. I have had strips in there for weeks without ever having a problem.

But they may work just as well the other way, with the sample side of the strip out of the holder. Let me know your experience if you use it the other way.

I started using Contour Next strips in there recently, and have been successful with those also.


Here in Alaska they don’t deliver mail on Sunday… likely will be here tomorrow

I was curious about the effects that exposure to air had on the strips. Maybe I will run a small experiment.


I saw this today and posted it here.

Test Strip Stability
"Stability testing protocols and acceptance criteria for the Contour NEXT EZ test strips were reviewed and found to be acceptable. The manufacturer claims shelf life stability and open-vial stability of 18 months at the recommended storage temperatures of 5-30°C."


I think that means that the vial has been opened and then re closed, not left open continuously… that would be my take on it anyway…

I am really curious to see your results!

I love experiments :slight_smile: