Dexcom App For All Android Phones

For anyone wanting to run the official Dexcom App on your Android phone, but don’t have one of the phones that Dexcom supports, a group recompiled the official Dexcom app and tweaked it so it will run on virtually any Android device.

Due to the variability in Bluetooth implementations on Android devices there may be some that this won’t work on. I tried it on my Galaxy Tab S and it worked just fine. But looking at the paucity of the Dexcom App there is no way that I would go back to it and stop using xDrip+.

Here’s the direct link for the file:

And here is the link to r/diabetes to the thread discussing it:



How did you find out about this, @docslotnick? Is it from the reddit thread?

I feel a bit uncomfortable going to Android with xDrip after reading the problems you had with getting the pings (and after seeing Harold’s problems in getting it going).

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I am pretty certain my issues were a result of conflicting devices. If you use xdrip your not supposed to use receiver. I still need my receiver at this time… Maybe later I’ll feel comfortable not needing to use it.

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Has the reason for this been explained or is it understood as to the why?

Yes. They are vying for the same Bluetooth slot as I understand it

I don’t really get that. The Dexcom G5 (and G6) transmitters (and Dexcom Receivers) all have two Bluetooth advertising channels, 37 & 39 and one Bluetooth data channel, 17. Dexcom supports both the Dexcom Receiver as well as the Dexcom App (on a Smart Device) both being paired (at the same time) to the transmitter. Dexcom Tech Support has verbally told me that adding a third device as the Tandem X2 pump which will function as a receiver will also work (three paired devices) although I have not done this yet and verified for myself there are no issues.

So I am just interested as to the underlying reason that the xdrip and the Dexcom Receiver have problems when running at the same time.

From the guide:

Use of Dexcom’s receiver & xDrip simultaneously is not recommended as they currently “step
on” each other when requesting data. DO NOT power off your receiver, extended power down
state can induce an error state that requires a replacement device from Dexcom. This issue is
not caused by xDrip use. Instead, end the sensor session and maintain the receiver battery
charge, powered on. If you require use of the receiver, DO NOT use this software.

If you are using the iOS app, disable bluetooth on the device until you are satisfied with xDrip
functionality. To return to using the iOS device, delete xDrip from the Android device and reenable
bluetooth on the iOS device.

There is no G6 atm to my knowledge…G6 is due to come out in 2018 I believe. You may be referring to the G4 and G5.

No. I was referring to the G5 and G6. The G6 product has been submitted for FDA and FCC approval. It is obviously not yet released.

The G6 has the same Bluetooth signaling as does the G5.

The G4 signaling is significantly different than the G5 and G6.

I don’t mean to stir the pot (sincerely), but I found some of the comments about frequency or was it channels on the g5/g6 from @Thomas to be helpful.


Made the good stuff visible again.


Just my 2 cents as a new member, but this same problem exists between the Dexcom receiver and the Tandem TSlimX2 pump. You have to choose one or the other, because they both “fight” to be the only receiver.


I have just installed the Dexcom G5 port that @docslotnick referred to, and have no Bluetooth conflicts between the phone app and my Dexcom enabled pump at this time. This is a relief as my phone is not officially supported by Dexcom and I have not able to have XDrip+ app and the pump cgm run concurrently.


@elver, welcome to the forum, and thanks for already making contributions! I really look forward to reading your posts!

You may want to introduce yourself in the welcome thread. Also, many of us write our stories here.

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Is the app fully functional for you? What Android phone are you using?

@Michel, The app appears to be exactly as shown on the Dexcom website, complete with Dexcom logins. Currently I am using an Andy Rubin special - Essential PH-1. I can see the Dexcom app in the Android play store, but I am prevented from natively installing it since it hasn’t been tested and approved on my phone. With my previous android phone I could not even find the app in the android store.

Funny about the indtroductions — I have been lurking as I have just found this blog. For me, a very happy happenstance. I was just reading many of the other introductions just today, and am not sure where to actually begin, as my story is very boring compared to most.

Thanks for having such a great, informative, supportive D-blog!


@elver Glad to hear it’s working well for you!
And Welcome to FUD! I think you’ll find a lot of pump, Dexcom.and xDrip info around here you add your experiences to.


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@docslotnick, Thank you for the welcome. This blog has been a very pleasant surprise!


The timing on the release of this app was perfect for me. I have a Moto G5 Plus, which is not supported by the G5 Mobile app. As a result, I reverted to a supported but relatively old Samsung Galaxy S5. My daughter was running into memory issues on her phone so I gave her the Samsung and decided to not use the app. Within two days of giving her my phone, the modified G5 Mobile app was released. I immediately downloaded and installed it and it works perfectly on my Moto G5 Plus.

This morning, having it on that phone allowed me to troubleshoot intermittent dropped signals on my G5 receiver. The phone was not dropping signals whereas the receiver was so it looks like there’s something going wrong with the Bluetooth antenna in the G5. I hope that I can pay for a replacement push button G5 out of pocket since I have decided not to use the G5 touchscreen I recently received. Tech support says that they still have some of the push button version in stock.

Thanks, Doc, for posting the link to the modified software.