Jelly Mini Android Phone

I did not. Was hoping that would work… Trying to figure out how to get the AW2.0 complication they did to work.

And even with all those aggressive options in, the Kelly isn’t recovering the signal without manual intervention. Any other ideas?

I read on the xDrip+ Gitter thread that the AW2.0 complication issue was solved, and reported to be working well. You might want to ask over there how they get that going on AW2.0.

As far as the Jelly is concerned, is it the phone Bluetooth turning off and cutting the connection, or is it the Share transmitter Bluetooth or xDrip+ itself cutting off the connection?

I know that xDrip+ tries to reestablish a Bluetooth connection pretty aggressively. If you look at your logs you’ll probably see aggressive restarts every couple of minutes.

If it’s the phone I just don’t know what to tell you. The Bluetooth stack on the Jelly is supposed to be top notch for xDrip purposes.

I have to assume it’s the phone, because it loses both connections Dex and watch. Pebble connections are usually solid, so it’s confusing. The BT radio appears to be stayin on and the BY settings app “sees” both devices all the time, so I’m not sure what’s happening.

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I suppose I could try and root it and ruin ‘Bluetooth Reconnetor’ but they will likely kill the battery…

Note, I do have the updated jelly software loaded. Battery life had been good - except it isn’t DOING anything!

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@Thasgolas, it may be a good idea to test the Bluetooth connection separately from xDrip+ and the watch.

There is a reverse engineered, third-party Android app that is a non-official Dexcom app, and which runs on any Android phone. I think @docslotnick, @dm61 or possibly @Aaron linked to it in the past? You may be able to test the Bluetooth connectivity of the phone on this app first, in order to figure out what is the phone’s and what is xdrip’s responsibility?


@Thasgolas here is that thread. I think that @Michel’s idea is a great place to start trouble shooting.

Dexcom App For All Android Phones

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Will try it later. It appears to be a battery saver function - if I keep the screen on, it seems to stay connected, but one minute after the screen goes off, the BT signals drop. I (we) need it to stay on!

I see two options - see if their tech support can help or root the darn thing…

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Problem is… I’m still a G4/Share user… G5 App won bg work, will it?

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Doesn’t the G4 Share send out the same BLE signal that the G5 sends out?

The G4 Share is actually the only Dexcom device I’ve never used starting from the STS3, so I don’t really know a lot about it.

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It might, but the transmitter (receiver) ID is different and the app has no option to support it. Doesn’t look like this will help…

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Sorry forgot you were a G4 user :frowning:

Ok, I have no idea what I did… I adjusted the power saver, I whitelisted xDrip and Pebble apps. I updated xdrip… and it still disconnected BT after a minute. Then… I disconnected the dexcom and watch from the phone and tried then on another phone (which worked, though noti perfectly) . Then, i connected both devices back to the Jelly - AND IT’S BEEN WORKING EVER SINCE!


BTW, 19 hours off the charger and the phone is at 41% - not terrible…


??? More than weird.

But—it seems that Bluetooth has more than its share of weird and incomprehensible problems and solutions :frowning:

I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it keeps on running!

I am surprised by the battery, it is actually better than I was expecting for such a small footprint.

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Remember, I’m using it as a collector only. No data, no Wi-Fi, no gps. Even turned off the pedometer! Essentially standby with Bluetooth on. Well see how it goes…


@Thasgolas That’s great you got it working!

Actually, Bluetooth compatibility, from device to device even if they are identical, is probably the biggest problem with xDrip.

When I was starting up my Sony Smartwatch 3 as the collector, it took a few tries to get it connected, and performance was pretty spotty once I finally got it connected. But after a couple of days it started getting a 95%+ collection rate, and I haven’t had a bit of trouble with it in the 8-9 months I’ve been using it.

Hope the Jelly keeps working for you! Please keep us posted.


If I bought this phone, and plugged it into my G4 (no Share, just the standalone G4), would it be able to send glucose readings to my Fitbit Ionic? This would be an ideal setup for me. I don’t care about sending readings to the cloud, but I would like readings on my watch. I have seen something about people working on Nightscout for the Ionic, but haven’t been able to find anywhere to actually download such a thing yet (or any apps, actually; I don’t think Fitbit has actually launched any app store yet).


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I just bought one of these as a backup for travel. I’m going to mirror my AndroidAPS system on it in case my primary phone (Google Pixel 2 XL) break or is lost. I’m glad I found this thread, thank you for posting @docslotnick

I travel to Europe and Africa and have had good luck with the GigSky global sim card, as the data rates they offer are cheaper than their competitors and the thing just works.
(Shameless plug here, but I saved money this way when I bought mine) $10 off with code ALEX212


@sanfran, how is your battery life? @docslotnick wrote a few months ago that battery life is a problem. Or maybe @TiaG ?

I would like one too. But I always forget my portable charger everywhere, so I need a good battery. We are leaving for a year-long trip and I also need a backup.

@Kaelan, I already sent it back to Amazon. 2 problems, the battery lasts all of 5 hours and the screen is far too small to use for using a keyboard, let alone entering accurate carb and bolus information. Fun looking little device but just not practical. I’ve had a backup Motorola E4 that I picked up at Walgreens for under $50 for a year now and it’s actually a great phone, albeit quite big. I think it will make a good backup APS device.