Jelly Mini Android Phone

I know there have been some people asking about the smallest phone that could be hooked up with a Dexcom transmitter. Well, here it is:

And their Kickstarter page

It’s a fully functional, Android 7.0 dual SIM phone that some people are currently using as their xDrip+ collector quite successfully. It can also act as as an uploader so it could be valuable for a setup with a small child.

And did I mention how small it is?4a5bbb18ee5ccc6c8c6f31d683ae4791_original


@docslotnick, that’s absolutely fabulous.

How are the reviews for the device? At $125 a pop for the pro version, I am thinking of ordering 2 if it’s decent enough quality.

Reviews are somewhat mixed. Seems that many people expect it to work just like a Samsung Note 8. But the Bluetooth 4.0 specs are pretty encouraging which is the sticking point for other mini Android phones. Plus it runs Android 7 which the other minis don’t.

If you look at Gitter there is a lot of discussion on the xDrip+ thread about hooking it up to xDrip+.

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Just bought this and it arrived today – we are currently charging it as I type. I can do a review once we fiddle with it more. My ultimate goal was to use this as Samson’s receiver phone; we shall see if it works with the Android Dex app and whether there’s a way to use it with xdrip+. Plus: Super tiny but also con: so tiny that it may be hard for teachers at school to input data on NightScout. Will keep folks posted.


Thanks for sharing this. I am completely an Apple user, but I’m very impressed by their kickstarter campaign. It seems like one of the better examples of crowdsourced funding, I’ve looked at - if you check out their numbers. And it seems really useful!

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@TiaG That’s awesome! Can’t wait for your review.
The xDrip+ skinny on it is that it works well with the new OB1 G5 collector enabled. And like with most other implementations it won’t work well with other devices vying for the BLE signal.

If the Dexcom app isn’t compatible you might try the generic Android Dexcom app I mentioned here.


I can’t wait to read it! I’ll wait to pull the trigger until you’ve had a chance to review it. The pressure!

Just what I thought also.

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So I have probably a dumb question…

What is the difference between Nightscout and xDrip+?

I’m paying for my Dexcom out of pocket and am really interested in keeping my G4 but having it displayed on a smartwatch. I’m getting the Fitbit Ionic this week, and it will have official Dexcom support either later this year or early in the new year, but of course I’d have to upgrade to the G5. I have seen some people already have Nightscout working on it. I went to set Nightscout up a few summers ago but I gave up because, although I did get my Dexcom receiver and an Android phone communicating, I couldn’t get anything to upload for some reason and ultimately the phone was too large to be something I’d want to carry around all the time. I also have no interest in having my data uploaded to the cloud (except maybe to use Loop in the future). My main interest is having data displayed on my Ionic but not having to pay extra money to upgrade to the G5.

Would I be able to buy a small phone like this, connect it to my G4 receiver, and have readings sent to something like the Ionic watch via Bluetooth without bothering with uploading or needing an internet connection??

I really like this Doc! Thanks for the link!

I’ll wait for your review, @TiaG before I order ours! Looks very promising!

Nightscout is the “CGM in the Sky” (cloud storage of CGM data). The nightscout project was started by parents of a T1 toddler and continues being developed (DIY, open-source code) today by volunteers looking to improve it and make it compatible for more devices. Nightscout provides the capability for the CGM data to be stored on a personal website (Azure or Heroku) which is then able to be connected into and viewed by various smartwatch viewers, apps and widgets available for smartphones.

xDrip+ is the app that was developed to display the data stored in Nightscout. Right now xDrip+ is only for Android smart phones and apple watches (someone plz correct me if I’m wrong on this.)

See the chart below:

If I’ve gotten anything wrong here, please feel free to correct me! This is how I understand it.


@Jen If you have a G4 Share transmitter you can use it with xDrip+ directly. If not the Share model, then you need a wixel, which is wwould be connected to your Dexcom receiver to generate a Bluetooth signal that could be picked up by an Android phone with xDrip+.

XDrip and xDrip+ only work with Android phones. XDrip+ can display on many different watches.

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Can you just connect the Android phone directly to the G4 receiver? That’s what I got working before, except I couldn’t get the upload to the internet to work. We never got Share here in Canada, so that’s not an option otherwise I’d definitely go that route.

I am not aware that xDrip+ works that way. Did you get xDrip+ or xDrip to work, to display glucose values and track in the xDrip app with the receiver physically connected to the phone? Or did I misunderstand?

I don’t think I was using xDrip, I downloaded the Nightscout app. It was displaying on the phone (readings and graph). I just couldn’t get it to upload to the internet. This was several years ago, so it’s possible things have changed.

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@Jen If you got the Nightscout app to work you might try to install the NightWatch app (the Nightscout app that connects to a watch) and see if that works.

If you still can’t upload you should be able to install xDrip+ and have it read data from NightWatch. From there you can upload to Share, Nightscout, or other places (not Clarity though).

But I think that Night Watch does have upload capability.


@TiaG, have you had a chance to try the phone?

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Anyone get this phone to work with a G4/Share receiver and xDrip/+ ? I got the phone yesterday. So far, it’s not seeing my reviewer’s signal. Haven’t given up yet, but …

Any advice?


Hi @Thasgolas, and welcome!

I know you’re a big xDrip+ fan, but it may help to go back to the basics when setting up a new phone. There has been pretty good success with getting the Jelly to
work with xDrip+.

First make sure you’re running the latest nightly build. There have been a lot of little tweaks lately to help connection to this phone.

Then all the usual things–turn on location, make sure transmitter numbers match, etc.

I’m sure you’ll get it to connect.

BTW, did you ever get that watchface .apk from Dave26? I had asked him when he offered but he seems to have given up on it and disappeared.


Hey, you look familiar!

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Yes! Listen to what Doc tells you about xDrip and then stop by the welcome-introduce-yourself-here thread and say hey to everyone. :grinning:

Glad to have you here!