Tslim X2 with Dexcom G6


My wife currently is a T1 and has had it since she was 10 years old. She just went to a Tslim X2 with the built in Dexcom. We had dexcom before and it had it’s own receiver and we weren’t allowed to use the cell phone part since our phones were not supported. We currently have Pixel 3 XL phones which are not supported right now.

The struggle i have is that i can’t see her Blood Sugar when she is at work. I’ve read that others have used the xDrip program on their phone and can share it out. Before i look into getting this setup. Has anyone had any type of communication issues? Also when going to share the data should i use the dexcom servers to share the data through the app? Her Tslim has the Dexcom built in. If so is there a better option than xDrip? This would be a very nice tool to be able to see her Blood Sugar.

What have been the pros and cons to the setup and is there something i should know before i start?

Thanks for taking the time in reading my questions.



That’s about all I could do… except to say hello and welcome. :slight_smile:

I also use the G6 and T:slim, but I am not familiar with the phone you mentioned. I use an iPhone and can have my mom and husband as followers through the G6 mobile app as well as Sugarmate. I guess these things are not possible solutions for you?

Anyway, I’m sure someone with actual answers will be through any minute. Hopefully. :grin:


I think that you are going to have to use Xdrip+ on your wifes phone and upload to a nightscout site, unless the Xdrip+ app can share directly.

@docslotnick, do you have any thoughts?


@KOLDY, welcome to the forum!

As a follower, your phone does not need to be supported. I have never used supported phones and have been following my son with the regular Dexcom follow app from the beginning. There is no restriction on the follow app.

The issue only rises with your wife’s phone. When we started using the Dex I bought my son an iOS phone for that purpose. However, there is now a third party recompiled Dexcom app that has really good rep, and that runs on most, if not all, non-supported phones with good reports. I believe @docslotnick and @elver have mentioned it several times. This may be the easiest way for you to follow your wife (i.e. for her to use it)—and probably for her to be able to use her phone for her own Dexcom.

Here is a link to this thread:

That said, many people believe xDrip+ to be much superior to the original app :slight_smile:

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Hi @KOLDY (Brian), I still use the G5 with an unsupported phone and have had zero issues with the app mentioned above. My spouse has a Pixel 3 and the app works flawlessly.

The same group that did the G5 app that I am using has a G6 version. Basically it’s the official G6 app with the Google Play store restrictions and Dexcom server device compatibility verification checks removed (bypassed). If I were in your situation and wanted the official app (at least until Dexcom certifies the current Pixel series) this is what I would use. The only viable alternative IMHO would be XDrip+ on which @docslotnick is the resident expert. The only drawback to XDrip+ that I am aware of is that it won’t “talk” to the Clarity servers - and I might be very wrong about that. There are continuous updated iterations of XDrip+ and when I was using it , it was far far better than the Dexcom app.

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