Ticwatch Pro 4G LTE Verizon and Dexcom G6 - Potential as Standalone

I am trying to plan how to set up my Dexcom G6 from my Tandem tSlim X2 with Control IQ onto an LG V20 phone and a Movobi TicWatch Pro 4G LTE on Verizon as a standalone phone. To collect and monitor Dexcom, if possible. Do I put Xdrip+ /Dexcom App and Clarity on LG V20 or on Smartwatch phone? Can I collect data with 2 devices off of the Tandem simultaneously? I need to see my data on my wrist not my pump or phone is too problematic driving, living, working and playing.

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Welcome to or site @MLP63! Glad you decided to start posting. I don’t think what you want to do is possible, i.e. get the Dexcom data to an X2 pump and to two separate devices. I think you have to chose one, or switch them when you want. The X2 has two bluetooth connections, one is going to be used by your pump, the other can be either of the devices you mentioned. You need to pick either Xdrip+ or the Dexcom App, they don’t play well together on the same device.

For reference, my son connects his phone and tSlim X2 to the Dexcom, and his watch gets its information from the phone.

Not really relevant to the question posted above, just a comment about this, and how it has impacted the OmniPod setup.

General background - Dex lets you use a receiver and a phone at the same time, 2 devices.

However, they do not let you use either 2 receivers at the same time, or 2 phones at the same time. You can use 2 devices, but they have to be a different type - 1 phone and 1 receiver.

Since they treat the Tandem as a receiver, you can still also use a phone at the same time. That is great for people who want to share with their phones, look at a watch, etc.

The new OmniPod Dash system is a “phone”. Even though it can not be used for any method of communication. It is not a real phone.

So what is a shortcoming in their new Dash system - it is not being used to connect to Dexcom. If they were to have it where it could connect to Dexcom directly, then the users could not use their real phone for Dex. They could not share, etc.

So Dash has a somewhat convoluted system. Users connect their Dex to their real phone, and the Dash “phone” connects to the real phone to pull Dexcom data and display it on the fake Dash “phone”.

(This part is speculation. This issue should hopefully get fixed with their Horizon system, which I think will connect the Pod to the CGM directly. The Pod will take the place of the receiver. And you can use a new receiver with a sensor that is already running. I don’t think that will be a problem to give a sensor a new “receiver” every 3 days.)

BTW - I believe the Dexcom restriction on how many devices it can connect to (and of which type) is limited by the Dexcom software, not the transmitter hardware. At least that is the way it looks for the G5. A while ago the Dexcom CEO said there were 2 bluetooth chips in the transmitter, and that is why it could only connect to 2 devices. That was either a technical misunderstanding by the CEO, or a dodgy way of him not correctly answering the question he was asked. It seems their CEO is not a tech guy. For reference of the internals, you can google search “FCC ID PH29433”.

Sorry, did not mean this to be a thread hijack :hijacked:, just a tangent.