Using xDrip+ AND a dexcom receiver

I have a separate Dexcom Receiver for by G6. When I got it originally my phone at that time was not compatible and I did not know about xDrip+ My Endocrinologist’s PA hates the reports with the xDrip app. Can I use both at the same time so I can send her my reports from the dexcom receiver but have the info on the xDrip+ app?


Yes you can use both. Each one is getting same data from the transmitter.

Thank you!

I second @MM2. My setup is watch as collector, xDrip+ on my phone as the master, and the Dexcom receiver.

The only caveat is don’t run xDrip+ and the Dexcom app on the same phone.


Okey dokey!

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I use a fitbit ionic watch and get BG reading and trend from xDrip on watch.
The ionic HR and step count show up on phone xDrip screen and had no idea it would do that!

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I agree that it works with no problems but are you aware that you can also run the Dexcom app on any phone? There is a guy who has worked out how to do it and he has released his app free of charge.