Dexcom G6 App and xDrip

Is it possible to run the dexcom G6 App on one phone and xDrip on another? In my case I have dexcom app on an iphone 7+ and xDrip running on a moto g7 power. Haven’t been able to get any readings on xDrip. Any help appreciated!

Not really.
The transmitter is set to have one phone connection and one pump type connection.
So unless you don’t have a pump, and can get Xdrip to connect through the pump channel, nope. No worky…


I don’t have a pump, is that an option to use the pump channel? Or just a possibility that would have to be worked into the app?

It can be a pump (eg Tandem) OR a G6 Receiver for 2nd device.

Do you have a G6 or G5 receiver?
A G5 receiver can be upgraded to G6, and either can be used as 2nd device on that channel.

Another option is to make your second phone a follower.

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OR, if you get xdrip on a watch, it can run in the collector slot (pump, receiver, etc.) and have dexcom on the phone slot