To G6 or not to G6?

I’m debating whether to upgrade to G6 from G5. Does anyone know whether there is a bootleg app to use G6 with non-approved Android phones? I’ve been successfully using the G5 with a Motorola G5+ (though the app is not available from Dexcom for this phone - was made available by a hacker), but I want to be certain that I can keep my phone before upgrading to G6. I use MDI to control my disease, so have no other compatibility issues.

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@bob.carlson, there is a bootleg app for the G6:

Here is another discussion thread of the G5 all-phone app:

I understand your hesitation about upgrading. I have the same concern.

@bob.carlson. Worst case, if you are a Costco member, you can purchase a G6 Receiver for <$50 cash price/no insurance using Costco free prescription plan.

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