G6 app with galaxy s5

So just found out we are being upgraded to the g6. My daughter has been using the g5, with a galaxy s5. Unfortunately it does not look like the g6 will work with the s5. What I’m trying to figure out is if there’s a way to use her phone, and be able to use dexcom follow? Can we still also get the clarity reports?

Thanks for your help!

I can’t answer your question but curious… is the upgrade being forced, or could you stay on G5 ?

Once the Dexcom order is sent to the warehouse it is usually a done deal. If the order is not at the warehouse then you as the customer should be able to make your demands known.

In terms of the phone working with the G6, what would the cost be to switch to a Galaxy S6 ?

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It may be possible to resist even while the package is in transit. Provided the package hasn’t arrived yet, call the vendor and state that you’ve just learned that the G6 is incompatible with your equipment, so you can’t use the G6, and ask how to refuse delivery so you can get the correct item (the G5) sent to you. If you haven’t unsealed the package they sent you, I would think that you should be able to return it for exchange, although they’ll probably be unhappy about it.

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@Curebeforecollege take a look at the link below. A much smarter than me person took the GOOGLE Play store permissions off an authentic Dexcom app. I am in no way related to or employed by or have any relation to the individual doing the customized app.

Make your own Dexcom app

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Forced because of change in insurance.

Transmitters - yes with an argument.
Sensors - No.
Which makes it generally pretty pointless as the sensors are considerably more expensive than the transmitters.

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Would you be able to provide details? This sounds unusual.