Automatic Order - G6

I got emails this morning from Dexcom that orders for a G6 transmitter and G6 sensors were being processed. I’m on hold trying to figure out what’s going on. I got my G5 transmitters 3 months ago, so I have 3 more months to go. I’m also not on automatic refills, and in prior phone calls I’ve expressed that I currently do not want to switch over.

Has anyone else experienced an automatic order like this?

The Dexcom rep explained that because my last order occurred after FDA approval but before the G6 transmitters and sensors were available, they would be sending me a free G6 transmitter. I still have the G5 transmitter and some spare G5 sensors, so that’s pretty cool.

He said that they will only offer G5 transmitters and sensors until Medicare approves the G6. Since this G6 transmitter is free and it sounds like the G5 will only be available for a limited time, I decided to let the order process. He said that as long as Medicare hasn’t approved the G6, I can still switch back to ordering the G5 if I don’t like the G6.


@Katers87, do you mean he said they will discontinue the G5 at that time?

We have a pretty good stash of G5 sensors right now :frowning:

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I asked him this question specifically. He said that I would only be able to order the G5 until Medicare approved the G6. He said that they were well-underway to getting that approved.

There may be extenuating circumstances that enable other people to order them for longer- maybe Tandem pump users? Also, this was just a rep on the phone… it’s certainly not a press release from Dexcom.

It may be worth considering this before getting any more sensors though.


@Katers87 The Tandem users are eligible for G6 upgrade after August (when the PLGS upgrade starts to roll out). Lots of hoops for the users though, so I will wait until the last moment, especially since I have a significant backstock of G5 sensors. If need be I will run the pump independent of sensors and run XDrip+ while the insurance sorts itself out.