G6 ships with only 1 Transmitter?

With the G5 I was able to get 2 at a time, but they just told me when I placed our first order of G6 supplies that the G6 only ships with 1? Is that correct? It suck to think you have nothing to fall back on if there are transmitter issues…as we have experienced before.

Luckily, I think we’re going to be able to use the G5 until 3 months passes so that we can get that 2nd transmitter ordered.


That’s the strategy for now. And I get my refill at 90 days but the transmitter lasts over 100 days, so a surplus will eventually build up anyway. It will be easier with the G7 because it is a 10-day or 2-week device, not a 3-month device.


You are correct sir. They will only provide one at a time. Caught us by surprise as well.

I don’t understand the context of this topic. My assumption is that the number of transmitters you are shipped depends on what your supplier decides and what your medical team has prescribed. In other words, this would vary from person to person.

I get my supplies from the VA. I don’t have a prescription for transmitters yet, but they included two G6 transmitters with my first shipment of three G6 sensors in November of last year.

The context is that we also had a prescription for two transmitters just as we did with the G5, but it was declined. Thus the question. They stated the G6 only ships with 1 transmitter. Doesn’t appear to vary from person to person…thus my post to ask if others have found this to be the case. Sounds like it is.

Guess I’m glad to know it’s not just a Medicare thing?? :roll_eyes:

I had the same experience. They used to send the G5 sensors in a batch of 3 months (12 sensors) but the G5 transmitters were sent in batches of 6 months (2 transmitters).

But now with the G6 they are both sent at the same time for me, 9 sensors and 1 transmitter.

That is not true, you do have a fallback if it fails.

While you are waiting on Dexcom to replace it, start your post with @Eric and it will be there the next day. I know there are a bunch of people at FUD who will overnight a transmitter to you. :wink:


Yes, that’s what they told me also. Prescriptions don’t matter… They won’t change the order.

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Hmm, I’m getting 2 transmitters at a time, and a 90 day supply of sensor for the G6, still. I just placed my last sensor order in December. My next transmitter order won’t be available 'til Feb. They don’t let you order early. I get mine from Solara.

So weird! Why do I have 3 sitting in my cabinet then? How did I get them? i didn’t do anything special…

When G5 started shipping, my guess is that they shipped 2 transmitters to match 6 month G4 transmitter life/warranty. Both G4 and G5 used same sensors.

My first shipment of G6 transmitter from DME in 2019, I was mad that they sent 2 transmitter. It means the 2nd one drains slightly (at least 3 months), unlike the G4s which could preserve battery until removed from package. So seems to vary by supplier, and may do 2 G6s based on how it was set up in their system.

Fortunately in 2020, I switched to filling from Costco (since insurance switched to new PBM), and now get every 90 days as pharmacy, which delivers 1 day after refill request, or same day if called in early enough. I’m hoping this gets me a “fresher” transmitter, not one sitting around in warehouse (or home), draining battery.

Yep. That’s the problem I have with the whole transmitter thing; it is essential to the operation of the system, it has a shelf life of 360 days, it lasts 90 days. Given a flexible medical system none of these things would be a problem, but we, in the US, don’t have a flexible system, and last time I lived in the UK (1993) neither did they. So it doesn’t work in either of the dominant approaches to medical care on this planet, roll on the G7. It’s one of the few cases where curing the symptom fixes the illness.

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Good idea, that G5/G6 overlap method worked out for me. I order sensors and transmitter seperately at my pharmacy and my insurer will only authorize 1 transmitter per 90 days. G5 supplies were metered out in the same fashion for me so I was used to it. So I started buying G6 sensors and a transmitter about 3-4 months before my G5 supplies were predicted to run out.

Regarding stretching the 90 day transmitter to 112 days as was commonly done for G5…the G6 software is different and begins a restart countdown on day 90. I started a new sensor on Day 91 of my transmitter and got an ominous message on the app:

So I will end up with 101 days when the transmitter refuses to allow a new sensor or a restart. I suspect that day 89 would not have produced that message. My new plan is always start a new sensor on day 89, followed by one final sensor on day 99. I hope that will give me 109 days per transmitter. Will keep you posted but I won’t know until 99 days from Sunday whether that sequence will work out.


I plan on using the reset app on my current transmitters (have 2 new ones left) if I need too. I don’t forsee needing G6 supplies until mid year 2021 possibly the end of the year.

Great observation! I hope this is the case!

Can’t answer that, I have exactly one empty box sitting in mine. Do you order from a 3rd party maybe? The one transmitter per order is from us ordering directly from Dexcom.

If you haven’t, check and see if you can get your Dexcom supplies with your pharmacy benefits. I had doc write a prescription for an extra and went through with no issues.

I have tried that, and did not allow start without new transmitter.
I try to do last sensor start on day 88 or 89, to get 98-99 days total. Some say a start on day 90 will work, but didn’t for me, may be different for earlier transmitters.


Yes, I think it’s through CVS Caremark maybe? Or possibly Edgepark but I thought we stopped using them?

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Same here, Chris.

Update: Actually, that’s not true for us! We order ours through Edgepark!! I’m thinking of the Overpatch I just ordered today from Dexcom. lol

Hearing some of you able to get 2 transmitters has prompted me to put in an email to my Endo to see how/if it’s possible to actually get the 2 transmitters. I find it very useful to get 2 at a time because if 1 errors out (which has happened to us on multiple occasions), it’s nice to have another to fall back on IMMEDIATELY w/o having to wait days or a week to get a replacement.