Can you reorder just a G6 transmitter?

Like some I restart many of my G6 sensors. This has led to an accumulation of sensors. I just got my most recent Dexcom delivery from Advanced Diabetes Supply. Apparently it’s an automatic reorder every 90 days. Does anyone know if you can reorder just the transmitter and not the sensors? I’d like to use up some of my accumulated sensors, my pantry is overflowing!

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Hi @Jan Happy Anniversary and yes, you can order just transmitters. You might get a weird look or question but you can order just the transmitter if you desire.


Agree, but need to call ADS or use online account to edit orders to remove sensors, then add back.

Another option is to check if you have dexcom on your pharmacy plan. I have 2 RX, and can choose to fill one or both at same time. I prefer to get transmitters when only 10 days are remaining, for best battery life.


@elver @MM2
Thanks for the tips.
@MM2 I’m on Medicare which considers Dexcom DME, so not on pharmacy benefits (I think that’s right :person_shrugging:).

Per this on dexcom website, you may be able to get from Walgreens.

If you prefer to get your product through Walgreens, follow these steps:

  1. Ask your doctor to prescribe to your chosen Walgreens
  2. Take your red, white, and blue Medicare card as well as any supplemental coverage cards to Walgreens to ensure you only owe your copay
  3. Pick up your Dexcom G6 System Continue visiting Walgreens to pick up your Dexcom G6 ongoing supplies.