Ordering Dexcom g6 sensors

Where does everyone get their dexcom g6 sensors from? Right now we are getting them.from Byram healthcare with insurance. I am not happy with them and am constantly running out of sensors since there are always delays. We are considering buying some extras.

We get ours directly from Dexcom, but that is just because that is the way our insurance is structured. I think you can buy extra from Dexcom, but it might just be cheaper to front-run the issue and call Byram every day until they fulfill from the day you place the order.

I get mine from CVS through my Insurance Pharamcy Benefit (Caremark/CVS). No issues so far.

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My insurance requires I get them through DME, and CCS Medical is one my insurance accepts and covers my G6. Prior insurance I had Byram, and no problems with pump and dexcom G4 supplies from them.

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I get them from the Costco pharmacy through my insurance. Super easy. Call one day, pick up the next.

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If you can extend each sensor a few days you can build up a little buffer for the order delays.

A day or two here or there does not seem like much. But if a normal 3 month (90 day) supply of G6 sensors is 9 sensors (at 10 days each), and you extend each one for 2 days, you have added over 2 weeks.


That’s an idea. I always enter in the sensor code, but if I dont it will let me extend it? Dexcom is actually cheaper than Bryam out of pocket,but still expensive

I think so, but I have only used one G6 so far, so I am not 100% sure. I am not the one to ask about that.

@docslotnick, do you know?

@Nreid77 If you’re using the Dexcom app or receiver you’re pretty much stuck at 10 days. There are some restart techniques that have had some success. Dexcom is doing all they can to prevent restart.

If you’re using xDrip+, restart (but not preemptive restart) should probably work.

I thought there was some kind of thing where you could pull the transmitter out, wait 20 minutes, and re-insert it?

I think @allison has some experience on G6 restarts. Calling her into this also.

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This works for me, with both receiver and xDrip. I wait 30 minutes, with 8G transmitter. XDrip not required, but with older transmitters, xDrip could extend sensors automatically, when removal was not required.

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Hi, yep! I posted over on TuDiabetes (thought for sure I had posted it here, sorry for the crossover between sites :wink:):


Cool. I will have to give this a try.Thanks.

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I use only the Dexcom G6 Receiver and I can restart the sensors. Here’s the method posted by @Tigs1962.

I’ve been successful in restarting 4 sensors 2 times each, for a total of 30 days out of each of those sensors.


I started using Edgepark for my sensors and transmitters some time last year. They messed up the timing of my first order so that the sensor and transmitter orders weren’t aligned. Once we straightened that out, things have gone pretty well.

In fact, my only real complaint is that they’re so on top of it that it feels a bit like they’re stalking me when I have an order coming up. They’ll call nearly daily until I confirm the order. In the grand scheme of things, not such a big complaint.

I was able to build up a decent stash when the G6 allowed restarts. I replaced my transmitter around a month ago, and I haven’t been able to use the same restart strategies since then. I’ve just been putting in a new sensor. Usually by the time 10 days are up, the sides are starting to peel up anyway. It is nice to have a little stash though so that you don’t have to stress when a sensor accidentally gets ripped off or fails upon insertion - though the latter hasn’t happened to me for awhile now.

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Walmart (along with the transmitters) as a pharmacy benefit (moda, Oregon).

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This is the problem with both Byram and EdgePark; they don’t do refills until the time has expired by their own weird clock, and that clock is not 90 days it is 3 Gregorian months; 91.3 days. So if you go through either company and run by the Dexcom clock (10 days, almost exactly) you are short 5 1/4 days per year (half a sensor). Believe me I and my wife spent many hours explaining this to both my insurance company and EdgePark without any obvious increase in understanding, though moda swapped everything to a prescription benefit, so maybe there was some transcendental understanding there.

On the prescription benefit the opposite happens. The pharmacies want you to refill PDQ; the more refills the more money, and a prescription one month supply can be refilled after about 25 days. So no problem apart from the increasing mountain of sensors after you sign up for the “auto refill” because you don’t dare delay in case the insurance company cancels your authorization.

@Eric’s point is important, it shouldn’t be but it is; we should be able to obtain an immediate cache of supplies for a new prescription, but we can’t, so we have to squirrel it away gradually.


That is also my experience with Byram. On the should be ship date, I call them and they say it cant ship because they need a new prescription or clinical notes from the doctor, that this takes another 2 weeks, I also contact the doctor to try and hurry it up. I try and explain my daughter is 6 and without this device at school, it could be dangerous. I also ask them to try and start the authorization process earlier, but they say they can not. Very frustrating indeed. I just bought 1 sensor from Dexcom out of pocket yesterday to help with the week without getting a shipment.

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Costco, through pharmacy benefits.

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Do you have a one-year prescription? If not, you should definitely make sure it is written that way. Your endo needs to understand that renewing the script every few months takes time.

I had to go though that mess before. It sucks, but having it only suck once a year is much better than every 3 months!

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