Restarting G6 sensors and transmitter

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It’s a whole lot easier in xDrip+. You just check the box that you’re using a G6. It then does everything automatically.


Are you sure that is for restarting SENSOR SESSIONS and not just reseting transmitters? I don’t know if restarting Sensor Sessions has come to xdrip+ yet.

Yes, that and checking “preemptive restarts” defeats the G6 10 day time bomb, according to jamOrham.


Awesome. Thanks @ClaudnDaye! I use an iPhone so xdrip is not available, and I actually like the g5 app interface.

I’m looking forward to using this method when I get the g6 (I have 3 sensors left in my current g5 3 month supply which will end up lasting me 6.5 months).


Holy cow! You can run each sensor for 70 days!?? I’m lucky to get 16 days out of a sensor.

Ha sorry I might have unintentionally mislead you there.

I had a three month supply I purchased at the very end of December 2017. I started using them in January. Now, in mid June I still have 3 seniors left from that pack (currently wearing one). So I’ve been consistently getting a little over two weeks use out of each sensor. So my the month supply will end up lasting me about 7 months give or take.

Well, up until three months ago my employer had a great healthcare plan with a small $500 deductible and a 20/80 coinsurance plan after I hit the deductible. Plus all my diabetes supplies (minus CGM) and insulin we’re no charge.

Now I got a new (better) job, but a much worse health insurance plan. So I got a good raise and I like my job better, but my out of pocket costs for insulin, Supplies and the CGM will skyrocket from less than a year ago.

Oh well, I’m fortunate enough where I can afford it, but man, it really makes you feel for those who can’t. This disease is stupid expensive.


But to get back on topic, I’m planning on calling dexcom or their sales rep (was solara med supplies during my last purchase), and getting a quote on how much I’m going to spend for the g6 CGM. I’ll prob hit my out of pocket maximum and then stock up on insulins, test strips, and dexcom sensors so I hopefully won’t have to use it next year. Knock on wood


Oh, now I see. The 3-month supply will last 6.5 months, not that the 3 sensors will. That’s about the same sensor life as I get.

Have any of you tried the methods on the Restarting G6 sensors link – and, more to the point, has anyone been able to replicate the results that result in you NOT requiring calibration after restart?

Seems from the comments on that link that some have been able to do so, but not with sufficiently consistent predicability so as to be able to articulate the process… Not a huge deal, I guess (we’re about to hit the end of our first G6 sensor, and I suppose you could always “calibrate” from the current reading… as long as you’re comfortable you’re not pushing the sensor too long – we’re only aiming to get 2 full weeks out of each). But figured someone might have clearer answers at this point.

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One of my girlfriends just told me that the Dexcom rep at her daughter’s T1D camp told her that the G6 sensors should be reprogrammed by the end of the year to go to 14 days instead of 10 days.

Just passing it along…


Hi everyone, Thank you for all the great info! I just received the new G6 sensor two weeks ago. I have been using the receiver since my phone ( Samsung Galaxy S4) is incompatible with the G6 app. I was prompted by the 10 day hard stop but unsuccessful in overriding it before I had a chance to read your posts. I was unable to replace the sensor due to 2 malfunctioning applicators which would not disengage that Dexcom said was an ongoing issue with the new sensor. I can’t wait to try to override the hard stop when I receive the replacement sensors.

Since I have an incompatible phone (Samsung Galaxy S4), what G6 app would you recommend for my current Android phone and where can I download it safely?

New to this site and love it! Thanks

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Hi everyone,

Has anyone successfully restarted the Dexcom G6 transmitter beyond the 112 hard stop? I have another week left on my transmitter. I use the receiver only and have an old Android Galaxy S4. Thanks for your advice and support.

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@docslotnick, @thomas, do you have any thoughts?

I believe that the only way to extend transmitter life using Android is to use the app xdrip+. It works because it limits communication to transmitter>>android but not the other way.

The only way I’ve heard to otherwise do this is with an iPhone and Mac computer. Instructions here:

I haven’t started using the G6 yet, but with the G5 I’ve gotten about 190 days.


G6 users:

Is @kdisimone’s excellent article, posted by @ClaudnDaye, still representing all the conventional wisdom on restarting G6 sensors?

What method do you actually use and why?

@Michel You all know I use xDrip+. One of the perks is transmitter life until the battery is really dead.

What do you have to do to restart the transmitter? Well, I just happened to look at my transmitter days today and I noticed it was at 113. I didn’t do anything to have it restart.

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I’ve used the article’s second option with the iPhone successfully 2 or 3 times. I had some trouble with it yesterday, but was experimenting a little so it may have been user error. I can let you know if it works again in 9 days :slight_smile:

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For what it’s worth, I did the iPhone restart method again a few days ago and it worked like a charm!


I’ve tested the first method once so far by putting the t:slim in a faraday bag. When I took my pump out of the bag after 2 hours it started the 2-hour warmup on my phone… so I did have to wait 2 hours without readings, but I also successfully restarted the G6 sensor. I’ll probably leave the pump in the bag a little longer next time to see what happens.