DIY Dexcom G6 link Sony Xperia phones?

I’ve had no luck with Medtronic 640G and Enlite sensor, and going back to my Omnipod. I was hoping to try the Dexcom G6 but just found out it doesn’t currently support the app through Sony Xperia phones.

Has anyone tried a DIY on non-currently compatible phones for D6? I saw a reference to this on a reddit but can’t find anything to help. I only recently got the phone so not keen on buying a new one till I know the system might work for me!

PS - so much great info on here, it’s about time I actually joined rather than just reading the wisdom. Thanks.


@travalightly You might try this:

Build your own Dexcom App

Or, you might take this opportunity to give xDrip+ a try. Much more robust app for Dexcom Android users.

If you need any help getting xDrip+ going, just ask. We’ve got a few experts on this site.

And Welcome to FUD! Keep us posted on your efforts.

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Welcome @travalightly, you might want to introduce yourself here. Really glad you are ready to become an active participant. Looking forward to getting to know you.