1st outdoor ride in a while

Lots to do when riding outdoors. I left my water bottle (bidon) at home so I stopped at my cousin’s store. She took this pic.
Note the empty bottle cage.:grimacing:
Good ride got in a bit of gravel, I mean this is a gravel bike.


Hey, that’s super awesome @CarlosLuis! Congrats!

But who is that young teenager standing next to your bike?!?!


Just some random guy. I’m worried he has liver issues look at those yellow arms.

Kidding aside those are solar sleeves that I bought at Lowes. Nice and bright, I recommend them for all doing outdoor activities in the summer. They don’t feel hot.


Another 1st, I did my 1st interval workout on the road bike since surgery. Rather pathetic but it’s a start, baby steps. :baby: :biking_man:


I didn’t think this was the right word, but I looked it up on dictionary.com, and yes, it’s correct.



I bought my husband kevlar garden sleeves ‘cos he’s always dinging himself up! :slightly_smiling_face:


First group ride since ditching Farxiga. My BG was 175 at the start and 90 at the end. My Tandem was in normal mode, exercise mode never worked well for me. I think it might be okay for type 1s.

I turned around at 10 miles but I felt good at 20 so I could’ve done more. Great being out with the group.


Awesome pic of you at outside your cousin’s store!!! And awesome workouts! 20 miles outdoor is fabulous and not at all pathetic post surgery or no surgery!! Thanks for the tip of the solar sleeves. I was actually wondering why you had such yellow sleeves on!!! :smiley: :wink:


These are great, they have thumb holes. The usual cycling ones are white. These construction workers sleeves are highly visible always a plus when riding, walking or running on the roads. They don’t feel hot and block uv.

This overly pale guy has to protect his already sun damaged skin. I get a full body scan by a dermatologist every August. So far only pre cancers that get froze.:sun_with_face::sunrise::hot_face::star_struck:


You and me both! I’m dealing with an awful sun rash now after a short visit to Florida. I will look for those solar sleeves!


@CarlosLuis is the purpose of those “solar sleeves” UV protection? (UVA + UVB?) This is my summer of not giving myself a break from wearing a long sleeve shirt while playing tennis outdoors and yikes it’s killing me already (I overheat so quickly!). Always on the lookout for cooler solutions (although I would need the white option for my tennis needs). So excited you are riding outdoors! xo


It is great to get back riding outdoors. I was getting a little down because I wasn’t rolling down the road.

I’m going to send you this google search page. The only ones I have experience with are the Pearl Uzimi there’s one that is interesting. It wraps over the shoulders. That might be good for tennis with all the arm movement.
I hate google looong links


Thank you so much! I’m giving just about everything a try and seeing what sticks…! So glad you’re on the bike out in nature. That must feel great.


@JessicaD, just curious, does sunscreen not work enough for you?

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@Eric I do use sunscreen face, neck and legs. In the past on arms. I like the high visibility of these sleeves. I’m all about visibility on the road, if they hit me they intended. I really like day glow socks because the motion catches eyes.

I know your question was to @JessicaD but, hey, I just had to put my oar in.

Speaking of which, I would love to get into rowing, 1 or 2 person. No place close to me . I would like to rent and then maybe buy.

I don’t know, isn’t bicycling expensive enough for and old retired duffer on a fixed income?:star_struck::man_farmer:


You already have like a hundred bikes, why not start collecting shells too. :joy:

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The pictures I’ve seen of you are a lie, brother, you have a delightful, playful and droll wit. It never fails to amuse me. I wonder if you’re channeling my wonderful late brother in law Gene.

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Thanks, @CarlosLuis! :grinning:

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You only need the part up to the first ampersand. So for your example,

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