From Swimming To Running; Adjusting to the Pandemic

Daisy Mae Must Change Her Routine (and her whole life, LOL)

So as most of you are familiar with my two year education on how to swim as a pump wearer and an insulin dependent D, the swimming came to an abrupt halt when the pandemic hit the USA and the local pool was closed.

Oh My Goodness. All that hard work and passion and achievement, and now I was feeling very robbed. Of course, at the time, I thought that this would only last a brief moment and that I would b very slightly inconvenienced. But, OH MAN, this pandemic is hanging on and in there with such tenacity!!!

After 3 long months of being quarantined and in lockdown in Brooklyn, NYC, I have had to take up a new exercise: speed walking with my husband. Now I own a ton of swim suits and goggles and flip flops and swim caps, but nothing that could take me into a heated weather with proper outdoor gear.

Sure, I own a great (albeit very old) pair of running shoes, but no shorts, nor top,and definitely no sports bra. Nor do I own one single holder to carry my D supplies with me while I exercise !!! EEGADS.

and also, to make matters slightly more challenging, I have to prepare myself for this exercise in an entirely new way than I did with my swimming. I have to have many trials and errors before I figure out what works for me. (not what works for our famed and beloved Marathon Success Stories like Eric, Larissa, and Trying, to name a few.) My very own, personalized regiment.

Now I have been trying to ease into this by Speed Walking. My husband and I go anywhere from 5-8 miles at a clip. we are sweating our butts off out there, wearing masks and latex gloves, and me, having to carry my knapsack to carry my D stuff in (along with many extra pairs of gloves, etc)

Now my husband is a former marathon runner; he’s got all the perfect attire for getting the job done properly. I’m the one at a loss. So, doing this exercise in blue jean shorts and a T-Shirt, just ain’t hacking it. But how do I purchase what I need? I can’t exactly go into a store that isn’t open and try on running clothing. AMAZON??? R U NUTS? But don’t fret; I am on the case :+1:

now I have tried several different methods for prepping for the exercise:

  1. lowering my basal by .25% 1 hour before going out (didn’t work)
  2. dashing off with IOB 2.5 hours after a light lunch (seemed to work out well in the beginning, but once we amped up our speed and time on the go, I would crash terribly)
  3. going out on 100% basal, no other IOB, and bring Gtabs (4gms each) and a Transcend gel (17 gm very fast carbs) with me. AT FIRST THIS WAS A HUGE SUCCESS, BUT NOT FOR LONG…I would finish my workout and then my BGs would spike fast and high.(and often remain stubbornly high for hours)

so here I am. ready, willing, and almost able to take on a new challenge. As is so often the case, I have solicited the help, guidance, experience, wisdom, intuitiveness, and extreme generosity of our own running guru, ERIC.

what will happen? who knows. Together, we will figure it out. But, like I said, I am on the case. I will become a runner out of a swimmer. Now please excuse me while I go on line and research some appropriate running gear :running_woman: :earth_americas: :ok_hand: :athletic_shoe: :billed_cap: :dark_sunglasses: :handbag: :cake: :milk_glass:

Yours truly, signing out,



Hey DM!
It is so awesome that you are doing this! Way to go!

I am excited about you getting to run, and keeping your exercise going. And it is great that you are not cowering in your home and doing nothing! You got guts!

Let’s start by getting you outfitted correctly…

Let me suggest you get a couple of these. There are cheaper versions, but I really like the SPIBelt brand for this. They are better made, and it is worth the extra money. You can get one with a hole in it for your pump tube, but I don’t think that is necessary.

I suggest getting the one that has two pockets, like in this link. In fact, if you wear a double-pocket SPIBelt, after you get enough experience, that is ALL you will need to carry everything you need. Eventually - this will take some time - but eventually, you won’t need a backpack. Everything you need to carry can be contained in a SPIBelt. Your pump, phone, testing stuff (I’ll help you get hooked up for that), and some carbs. And also a bit of cash for an emergency if you need to buy some carbs.

Here is the double belt version:

For running clothes, it is really a matter of preference. Let’s get some recommendations from @Trying, and @LarissaW (the shorts I wear probably wouldn’t work for you. :grinning:). But really, it’s a matter of it being light-weight and comfortable. That is all that matters.

You can get these things from Amazon pretty easily. All you need to know is your waist size. Look for things from companies like Under Armour, Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc.

The two main styles are the kind that are tight fitting, that go down your thighs a little bit, or the kind that are looser. It just depends on what you like and what you think is more comfortable. I personally think the looser ones would be better in the summer. But you just have to pick your style between these two main types, tight and loose:

I will totally leave bras for the ladies to discuss. :blush:

But please start with a double-pocket SPIBelt. You can it delivered in 2 days, I think.

And we can start talking about BG and what you need to carry, and also I can get you hooked up with a BG meter carrying device too.

And also running shoes. Getting a new pair would be a great idea. Since it is difficult to try them on, or go to a store and look at a bunch of different ones, I can suggest a very simple thing to do.

The ones you currently have, most likely, if they fit, staying with the same brand and model of shoe - but getting a new pair!! - would be a safe thing to do, for now.

That gives you a good chance of having them fit. So just find the brand and model, and order the same thing as a new version. Under the circumstances, that is a safe and easy thing to do, and it should work fine for now.


Another option for the SPIBelt is to get some water bottles that fit on the SPIBelt.

There are a bunch of ways to do this. You can get belts with everything included, or get a system that lets you add or remove things to it.


I’m so glad you’ve decided to starting running @daisymae! Of course, I know you used to be a competitive runner so I think you will transition from swimming to running like the pro you are!

I wear shorts similar to these and tops similar to these from Athleta, only mine are older models. They make them in xs, too. Like @Eric mentioned, light and minimal for the summer heat works well in NY humidity! These are another option by Oiselle that just flashed on FB - they actually look nice! I was Googling “running shorts” so, of course, FB served me ads for them! I may get a pair of these myself :slight_smile:

I just bought these running shoes by Topo. I’ve never used this brand before but they had good reviews so I took a chance. I’ve been wearing them for just over a week and they are just what I was looking for - trail shoes though so maybe not what you need in Brooklyn. These are waterproof and have a narrow heel so they keep my foot in place and clean, too, keeping dirt out :slight_smile: Topo does make non waterproof, too.

I have a SpiBelt, too, but the smaller version with just one pocket. It is too small for me. I now use a Nathan waist bag similar to this. It has 2 pockets, one small for my Loop riley link, money, lancet, and a larger one which is about the size of my small iPhone SE (my Loop pump). I can also fit Kleenex, a Huma, and a couple of empty doggie bags (in case it rains!), too. I usually keep the waste bag buckled pretty tight so it doesn’t move / bounce. It is made of neoprene so protects items from perspiration, but it is not waterproof, hence the doggie bags!

I also always carry a 20oz bottle of water encased in a bottle holder similar to this, that has an ample pocket for carrying addl items, like extra carbs. I always carry a full bag of fruit jellies (from Kirkland) which is 17g of carb for emergency, and sometimes I carry an extra Huma (21g), too. I use the pocket for my trash as well :slight_smile:

As far as managing carbs and BGs for running, @Eric is the one to ask! I still have my ups and downs with this. Some days work and some don’t. I don’t think I’ve ever gone a full week where I had 0 lows and 0 highs. I sometimes get close, and sometimes the out of range BGs don’t last long but it is still difficult to achieve for me! On a good note, though, I’m so much better than before I joined FUD, so overall I’m pretty happy. Really, a lot of the issues are due to me - failing to pay attention, not following the routine that I know will work. For example, going running with IOB > 0.5U. I try to compensate by eating a banana prior to the run. It usually works but not always. It is, as Eric has said many times, best to have 0 or close to 0 IOB. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thank u so much for all of the recommendations for gear. I will definitely check it all out. I just bought a pair of Under Armour shorts online through Amazon. I hope they’re just right. they come with a back zip pocket and 2 front ones on each side. I also bought the belt that Eric recommended.

I have crawled around under my bed and was able to find another pair of my old New Balance shoes as well as a great pair made by Mizuno. I’m gonna c if I can find similar models for both so I can reorder them without having to try them on.

one small step at a time.(no trail running though)

glad you’re doing well. :+1: :hearts:


I love Mizuno shoes, too! Sounds like you have got what you need!!! Have fun!!!


Title Nine—terrific selection, excellent customer service.


@daisymae your persistence and flexibility is so amazing! I love how willing you are to jump into something new when circumstances require it.


I like brooks for socks, they’re cool. And I like the Pure Move sports bra from Reebok but I think that it only goes up to a certain size. It ain’t cheap either, so I think it’s only worth it if you’re likely to be at this a while.

For shorts, in hot weather I prefer not to use legging-type shorts but rather more airy shorts – I haven’t shelled out for the Oiselle ones but an avid runner I know swears by them.


FITS is also a good brand for socks.


I’m all set with socks, both summer and winter. I love what I have, thank goodness, so thats something I can check off my list.

did buy one pair of Under Armour shorts though and am excited about getting them. they have a zip pocket in the back and 1 front pocket on each side (but not zippered). I also bought the belt that Eric suggested.

Today I am looking to find a bra and a few t-shirts as well as another pair of shorts.

Thx guys for all ur continued assistance!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Tia, I checked out ur suggestion of the PureMove from Reebok; I have absolutely no understanding of how they measure sizes. they don’t give things like “32” 34" 36" etc. and all of them say they r recommended for cup sizes A-D. How have u found your correct size? Do they run large or small, etc?

u can PM me if you’d prefer :+1:



I’ll copy over what I’ve already DM’ed DM in case anyone else was looking for recs:

I’m sorry that you can’t get back to swimming, but I’m so happy and impressed that you are able to adapt and still get some exercise in.

So I can make recs and let you know what I use, but I think for clothes and shoes and gear for running, a lot of them are just individual preference.

First off - I’m not sure if amazon would be my go-to for athletic wear, but if you choose to get your stuff off amazon, then just read a bunch of reviews! I absolutely swear by old navy’s athletic lines (well-made, affordable, and don’t slip around like a lot of other brands).

I personally wear leggings for running since I get chaffing between my thighs (this might not be a problem for you!) and because they have pockets. My favorite pair:

I have a few pairs of old navy workout shorts as well. They don’t have the slit that you described, but fit my legs pretty wide, so that might work for you?:
Other short brands I could recommend for having used in the past for sports would be under armour and nike. I would recommend trying to find some with a pocket in the back or on the sides - the more storage the better in running (for keys, low snacks, pump, syrings, etc.)

So as far as sports bra. I prefer sports bras that are medium to high support since I’m a little top heavy as well. I would recommend ordering sports bras of different support levels to try them on to see what feels best. With more support there will be less bouncing around, but it may feel too constricting. Traditionally, A-C cups can go with a light support, but if there’s too much bouncing or if that hurts then I’d go for a medium support. High support would probably be too much for you I’m guessing

Sports bras these days have gotten to have lots of crazy designs in the back. I would recommend with going with a traditional racer back sports bra. All else are more suited for yoga or lounging in, IMO, but feel free to try them out. Some have adjustable straps, which sound nice, but in all honestly I think are not as comfortable and doesn’t always stay up in my experience.

Again, I think old navy’s athletic gear is great.
Examples of no-frills sports bras,
light support:
medium support:
Other brands I can recommend for sports bras include victoria’s secret, but they can get more frilly and expensive, and definitely check the back before ordering. to make sure the straps don’t look too crazy.


DM asked me to post these pictures for her, since she was not sure how to post pics from her phone.

These are the before pictures. Just wait until you see how she is geared up in a couple of months!





Love the power stance @daisymae!


So there’s a size guide where you sort of have to translate from both band and cup size here:

So like someone who has a 32 band size and a cup size of A or B would be an XS; if you go up in cup size you’d go to small. And if you start with a 34 band size you’d start with the small and go up as you go up cup sizes.
Does that make sense?


Kinda makes sense. All my bras that are made from different companies vary in sizes. I could b a 32C in one company, but a 34B in another’s. Haven’t a clue why there can’t b one size fits all :crazy_face: when I have been measured, I am 32" around.

Hope the men out there are getting a kick out of this ridiculousness that us poor women must go through. It’s right up there with buying make-up and nail polish. :rofl:




I simply wanted u guys to c the misery (bc of my clothing and mask and latex gloves) that I must endure while exercising in NYC. and although Eric didn’t post it, I took a pic of all of the cops around (they are literally EVERYWHERE) holding boxes of surgical gloves and masks, handing them out to anyone who is not already wearing them. Its really being enforced in places of communal gatherings (I am standing here in Brooklyn Bridge Park in the DUMBO neighborhood of downtown Brooklyn)

We really got hit hard with the pandemic in NYC. :mask:


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