Trying to eliminate running BG LOWs and post run BG HIGHs

I’ve been following @daisymae’s Swimming BG thread and @Nickyghaleb’s Running thread and their super coach, @Eric’s suggestions, while trying to apply what they have so graciously shared with us to my own running style. Rather than disrupt their excellent threads, I thought I’d create a new thread to share my own trials and tribulations in hopes someone may find it helpful.

I ran today about 2.5 hours. Just a warning - I did not achieve the perfect results that I had hoped for but not totally bad, for me!

From the above screenshot, you can see I did not start out on the right “foot”!

So here are the numbers…

  • 1 HR pre run-start: BG 149, .85U Bolus Correction
  • 1/2 HR pre run-start: BG 146, Temp Basal reduced by 80% for 2.5 HRs (ie. 0.5U/hr down to 0.1U/hr)
  • 1 HR pre run-end: Resume normal Basal
  • Run-start: 11:30 AM, BG 129, Temp Basal reduced by 80% (ie. 0.5U/hr down to 0.1U/hr), IOB .25U
  • Run-end: 2:30 PM (with 3 stops, so @2.5+ hour run), BG 60 (Dex), BG 65 (finger)
  • 10 mins post run-end: Bolus 1U.
    30 mins later, BG 118, bolus .5U and eat 1 croissant, chunk of parmigiano cheese, max BG 120,
    1 HR later BG 68, reduce Basal 50%

So this run was a bit atypical with the 3 stops, making it @1/2 HR longer than expected but I don’t think that had a major effect.

I still made a few mistakes and maybe you will see additional mistakes! …

Last night, I reduced my Basal 50% to address an evening low, but never resumed my normal Basal. Hence I started out high, BG 149, took a correction, making for some IOB when I started the run. Still despite the horrid graph from xDrip+/Dex, I don’t think I really ever went low (or felt low), and ended at an acceptable BG of 65. I know I do need to work on preventing LOWs during the evening though, which may be the result of the afternoon run, or simply too much bolus insulin :frowning:

My next mistake was waiting a bit too long to take the post-run bolus (thanks for the reminder, @daisymae!). I got distracted talking to friends so waited @10 minutes before I took the first bolus. I should have taken it immediately upon stopping!

Finally my next mistake was taking that 2nd post-run bolus of .5U. I don’t think I needed it. Or with it, perhaps I should have eaten something with a higher glycemic index (croissant is probably a bad choice!) to reach the blood stream faster because I’m on the low side now at BG 66. Still not too bad for me, as I typically go all the way to LOW!

Overall, starting at 129 and ending at 65 is not perfect with its large variation, but at least no LOWs (incredible for me!) and no post-run HIGHs. By applying what I’ve learned here at FUD (thanks to @daisymae, @Nickyghaleb, @Eric esp!:star_struck:), I’ve been able to eliminate my runner LOWs and post-run HIGHs, at least for this run! Hitherto I took for granted LOWs/HIGHS were just part of running for a diabetic! Phew, I had no idea there was a potential solution. It still takes tons of work and observations but it is so worth it. I hope tomorrow’s run will have better results but I know better, and take one day at a time! Oh, please let me know if there is something missing from this post which you might find helpful.


Looking forward to reading about it.


Me, too. :hugs:


Sorry, took me a while to edit it! Not really used to posting!

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@Trying, outstanding, I look forward to the next posts!!!

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I am glad you are starting this thread. There are a lot of very useful things here to discuss, if you would like.

Just for clarification, do you mean these as the same amounts - “basal reduced by 80%” and “Basal at 80%”? Or different amounts?

Depending on the pump nomenclature you are used to, those could be two completely different things!

Anyway, if you want to go through some of the things here, that would be cool. I have some questions about your regimen, just to get the background.


Oh, my mistake, yes, I meant a reduction of 80%!

Yes, any recommendations would be appreciated!

For clarification for others reading (as you gained from reading the Daisy Mae / Nicky threads) perhaps add explicit info like:
temp basal reduced by 80% (ie - 1.2 u/hr down to 0.25 u/hr) ?


Good point, @Thomas and @Eric! Basal shows correctly in the Tidepool graph, but INCORRECT in my text!:frowning: Sorry for the confusion! I’ll edit that post to correct it!

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Sounds great!!!

Congrats !!!



Have you read some of the wiki posts on fueling yet?

I think one of the things that is helpful to understand is how your body is supplying the fuel for a certain type of run. And then following the process of how that will affect your BG.

Part of it for running is understanding how your pace or the type of run will affect the type of energy systems used, and how much of each.

Do you run every day? Or how many times per week do you run? Are they generally the same types of runs? Do you vary pace and distance?


Yes, I’ve read all of the wiki posts on fueling. It is a bit difficult for me to apply to myself though, as I don’t feel like eating after a run. I am trying though.

I try to run 6 days a week unless traveling/work or inclement weather really prevents me! Yes, they are generally the same types of runs. Most runs are 1.5+ hours on trails/carriage roads and my pace is usually the same. I know from following @Nickyghaleb’s Running thread and your coaching that I should be varying my pace and distance (right?), and that I should be eating carbs immediately after my run!:frowning:

Here is today’s run, much like yesterday’s run:

And the numbers…

  • 1/2 HR pre run-start: BG 105, Temp Basal reduced by 80% for 2.5 HRs (ie. 0.5U/hr down to 0.1U/hr)
  • 1 HR pre run-end: Resume normal Basal (0.5U/hr)
  • Run-start: 11:30 AM, BG 108 (finger), Temp Basal reduced by 80% (ie. 0.5U/hr down to 0.1U/hr), IOB 0U
  • Mid-run: 1:12 PM, BG 52 (Dex), Carbs 4g (Kirkland fruit jelly)
  • Run-end: 2:30 PM (with 3-4 stops, so @2.5+ hour run), BG 72 (Dex), Bolus 1U immediately upon end
  • Post-run: 3:00 PM eat 1/4 potato (about 10g carb??), broccoli, chunk of parmigiano cheese
  • Post Run: 3:40 PM BG 68 (fingerstick)

So, immediately bolusing post-run made a HUGE difference (thanks @daisymae and @Eric!) . No spike at all. 2 hours post-run and I’m going up a bit, BG 81, but that may be from the food at 3 PM.

From the graph, you can see that I did go low mid run but no lower than 52, which for me is acceptable (60 and above is my goal!). I had 2 Kirkland fruit jellies which seemed to do the trick this time:)

Last night I was low most of the night so I want to try to prevent that. I will enable my xDrip+ alarms and treat w/ food more aggressively if needed.


Have you looked at @Eric’s recommended regimen for refueling? Based on his advice and our readings, we try to do some massive refueling within 90 minutes of exercise.

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Yes, I have read all of @Eric’s wikis on sports and refueling. I’m just not comfortable with that many carbs at once. I am afraid of the spikes!:frowning: I am making baby steps at increasing my carbs post-run. Today I probably had nearly 10g from potato and a bit of cheese. I know from reading the wikis, this is probably NOT optimal food post-run!:frowning: I will re-read and see how I can incorporate more carbs…!

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@Eric @Michel How can I find the wikis on refueling here? I know I read them a while ago but now cannot find them:(

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Found it Sports & Exercise Wiki Table of Contents


@Trying, I am on my phone and it is hard to search and link from it. The easiest way I can think of:

  • Select “Categories”

  • Pick sports and exercise

  • Look for the wiki subcat, and, in it, for the wiki Table of Contents

Let me know if this does not work for you.

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These would be useful to start with:


Thank you so much, I’ve started reading!

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Are you napping in the middle?? Every day you do this??

I’m afraid to ask because I’ve just recently started to consider what I’ve been doing as running and not just sightseeing the trees and pavement, but how far do you run everyday?

:see_no_evil: (That’s me covering my eyes which is what I do with horror films that I’ve purchased but don’t really want to watch).

And I’m very curious to see how your post-run highs go. I have really struggled with those at times but am finally (and I’m a slow learner) really doing some insulin both when it’s done and even before it’s done. I know I’m supposed to have those carbs immediately following, but sometimes I have to push some insulin first. A banana on a rise can be a real nightmare.