How far you can go on blood glucose alone

Here are approximates of how far you can get from the different carb sources, if these were the only fuel sources available.
(In reality, you always use a combination of whatever fuel sources that are available, not just a single source.)

These are approximates based on a 80 kg man who runs at a pace that expends 80 kilojoules of energy per minute:

  • 9 miles in 72 minutes = 1200 calories = muscle glycogen storage (in legs only)

  • 3 miles in 24 minutes = 400 calories = liver glycogen storage

  • 0.3 miles in 2 1/2 minutes = 40 calories = blood glucose*
    (*the value for blood glucose includes the glucose content of substrates and extracellular fluid)

The entire amount of free glucose in the blood provides only a 40 kcal energy reserve, which is enough to maintain this activity for only about 2.5 minutes. The rest of it comes from stored glucose (glycogen) or fat metabolism.

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