From Swimming To Running; Adjusting to the Pandemic

O also I totally ignored your trials for keeping BGs under control while and after working out, but happy to help along the way! We all know you’re in the best of hands with Eric!!! :raised_hands:


Daisy Mae Tried a Little Light Jogging Today:

it was a little chilly out when we left the house so I borrowed one of my husbands l/s running shirts. (big mistake) as we warmed up, there was a beautiful breeze, but when we increased our intensity and it started warming up, the sweat began to pour down my forehead, under the arm pits :rofl:, down my back, beneath the latex gloves. I was basically a dripping mess. and, to top things off, trying to breath under that darn face mask is a true burden. phew!

we started out in Brooklyn Heights (where we live), went down into DUMBO (stands for Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), through Vinegar Hill, and onto the Brooklyn Bridge Park’s peers.

We walked over concrete pavement, cobble stones, asphalt, soggy grass, wooden planks, up and down inclines…and around 8 peers (kinda like a zig zag) on the waterfront of the East River. Very nice skyline, which u can c in the pic that Eric posted.

we did some on and off jogging (which was extremely difficult with my full backpack) but the rest was just very intensely paced speed walking.

here are todays stats:

(100% basal from start to finish)
12pm BG 93 took 1 Gtab (4gms)
1pm BG 57 took 2 Gtabs
1:30pm BG 83 took 1 Gtab
2:10pm BG 57 took 1 Gtab and winded down

some goat’s milk yogurt for refuel followed by 48oz water.

3pm BG 66 1 Gtab, several more spoons of Goat’s Milk Yogurt, and more water.

Lately I’ve been spiking terribly when I’ve gotten home, but it’s a total crap shoot that Eric is gonna help me figure out :crossed_fingers:

I ordered a bunch of running gear like the belt that Eric posted, which I cannot wait to receive from AMAZON!!! shorts with pockets, sports bras, tanks, but am still on the hunt for loose fitting T-Shirts (so many companies seem to think that us gals only want slimming Ts as opposed to easy breezy ones.)I just want anything that wicks off my sweat :rofl:

signing off,



L.L.Bean has some nice wicking T’s here:

I bought several a number of years ago and really like them. Unfortunately not for exercise, but hot flashes :rofl:!

We will get into this in more detail, but in general, a few carbs right when you start will be a huge help. When you go from rest to motion, your body will use any fuel source it can. If you don’t have any carbs available, it will go to the most rapid thing it can get, which is the sugar in your blood.

In your example, you can see what your body did. It took you from 93 to 57!

The key is to take a few carbs right when you start. I know you took a gtab, but that is practically nothing!

Let me know how your BG is after.

Remember afterwards - carbs, water, and insulin!

I am looking forward to this week, some of the new stuff you will have. We are gonna ditch that backpack very soon!

That spike afterwards will stop pretty soon. Within a few weeks, if you keep this up.

I will even bet you that! Within a few weeks, the big spike afterwards will stop. I’ll bet you dinner at Papaya King! :yum:


Today I didn’t spike at all; in fact, I went low. I just tested and my BG was 56.
Maybe my body is getting used to this new adventure of sport :wink:

I will definitely treat u to dinner at Papaya King anytime u come back to Brooklyn!!! U and Leslie. :yum: :+1: Bet or no bet!!!

So with a BG of 56, I am a little googley eyed. but I took some fast carbs and am hoping to get up into my 70s so I can have a proper dinner and refuel for tomorrows expedition.

I guess I can try having 1/2 a KIND BAR before venturing out. I have found them to b very sustainable…I have many different flavors in the kitchen cabinet so I won’t need to put on my Hazmat Suit to venture into a grocery store :rofl:

I am wondering why I am able to stay at 100% basal while I am exercising when while I was swimming I had to do 2.5 hours of Z basal with no IOB before I swam. I guess I am just not exerting much energy yet. Perhaps that will all change soon enough. Then we’ll have to figure out an entirely new program! But I have faith.

Also, I have a question: Why do my running socks have a “left” and a “right” on each sock? does that really matter which sock goes on which foot?


Once you get into some faster paces and some more frequent intervals of running mixed in with the jogging, you will definitely need to cut your basal!

Mine don’t have that. All my socks are bi-lingual :grinning:

But I guess they sew yours in the shape for left and right, like your shoes.


I think that its really just BS bc they all get mixed up in the wash anyhow, and then ur stuck finding which sock goes with which when ur trying to fold the laundry :crazy_face:

another marketing ploy, I’m certain. But I just thought I would ask, just in case it was something new that the Secret Society of Runners knew about and maybe I should b included in on the down low.

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I have the easiest system ever!

I have about 20 pairs of socks, and they are all the same. Any 2 that I grab will match!


I love ur system. next time I venture out to buy socks, I will try it. Of course, all my socks, although they r running socks, were bought when I was still swimming and they r in tip top shape. I have about 10 pair, so no need for more currently. (and PS: I love the ones I own, both the winter ones as well as the summer ones; nicely cushioned :+1:)

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Well, as usual, ur right; my overnight was chronically low. went down to 43 at one point; and, despite tossing back Gtabs both during the night as well as this morning, I have had to lower my basal by .25% just to stay level. I hope I have lowered it enough. time will tell.

I am really looking fwd to getting out today and killing it today! :crossed_fingers:


Have you tried cutting basal back a little bit for when you are exercising? Just a little might help for now, like taking off 15%. Might help with having to take carbs while exercising. And as you transition to jogging more, I’m guessing you’ll need even less basal while working out.

there’s always the men’s section! I don’t like the tight tanks either, but it really bugs me if my top is too baggy when running. It’s hard to strike that balance, especially since you can’t try anything on right now!

Yup!!! I can relate. Running with a mask on vs without is SUCH a big difference


I feel like I might suffocate. every now and again I will stop and lift the bottom of the mask ever so slightly and take in a deep breath of fresh air. It makes a world of a difference. :mask: :+1:


Not sure how comfortable you would feel looking into other masks, but on my runs I’ll wear more of a turtle scarf type which is just a bit more comfortable for getting air while working out. I haven’t used this brand, but I’m talking about this sort of style:


This is something you probably already know, but I just want to mention it to you in case.

When you are putting these in your SPIBelt, there is more room if you alternate them back-and-forth, like this:

That gives you more room than having them all lined up the same way.


great suggestion! will definitely remember this trick.

Currently, I am always carrying 2 Transcends with me every time I go out. they’ve been very helpful; one time I went down to 35 unexpectedly and I sucked one down and within about 15 minutes my BG was back up to 90. very effective and fast. much faster than the glucose tabs!!!


Can you try a ZB right before you start today?

Also, either later this week or early next week, I am going to have an exciting assignment for you to try!


The low of 35 was not related to my exercising; it just happened while I was running around my neighborhood like a lunatic (100% basal and IOB). I can do some really silly things from time to time :rofl:

that being said…I am on a 95% TB right now since an hour and a half ago. I’ll b leaving for my workout shortly. If I need some extra carbs, I will take them.

today I will b eating some wheat thins right before heading out. we’ll c how that works out.

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As you progress through this, and start to increase the amount you are running, you will eventually need to do a ZB!



Last night I went low (46), brought my BGs back up, then low again and again throughout the night, morning and early afternoon. at 10:30am I finally put myself on a 95% TB, took some Gtabs and ate some Wheat Thins. The temperature outside was 65 degrees F with a slight breeze.( I still sweat like crazy, though)

Today’s Stats:

10:30am BG 72 turned down basal to 95% and took 8gms glucose
11:15am BG 79 took 4gms glucose
12pm BG 110 took 1 Gtab (4gms) and 6 Wheat Thins (about 8gms?)started out.
1pm BG 86 took 2 Gtabs (8gms)
2pm BG 55 took 2 Gtabs and two lg spoonfuls of Goats Milk yogurt and 24oz water.
2:30 BG 112 drank another 24oz water
3pm BG 95

today I went for about 7+ miles but I have been relying upon my iPhone App, which I don’t believe to b entirely accurate.

I did some light jogging intervals which felt nice. I can’t say that I felt my best, bc I was truly struggling to breath beneath my face mask and schlepping that backpack of mine, but I can say that without question, tomorrow I will NOT b wearing those darned latex surgical gloves (I’m throwing in the towel on that one). I simply do not feel there is any need for them. (the only thing that I touch is my knapsack when I pull out my meter to test, so really, what’s the point )

I did feel strong though today. And I think I made the right decision to turn down my basal as I had no real lows, despite finishing at a BG of 55.

hopefully I won’t spike this evening. but of course I will keep u posted :blush:

signing off,


Wait until Thursday or Friday! It’s gonna be awesome!

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