Frustrated with the rollercoaster

My son is getting a little sick, again… We are trying to manage the ups and downs (we have had a lot lately) a little closer to avoid the cyclical action.

And we just had a decent night where we had an exercise induced 300 ( 2 hours of sprinting and calisthenics at practice) followed by a moderate low, and a nice rebound to 120 for most of the night. Then we slipped back up to 200 with the dawn effect, treated, down to 78 right at lunch, ate 38 carbs for lunch and shot up to 240 in under 30 minutes. It wasn’t even a high glycemic lunch, 1/2 sandwich, twice cooked pork, and a salad…arrrgh


These days are so difficult to manage! I’m sorry. That’s when the relentlessness of this disease can be overwhelming to me. When you’re giving it everything you’ve got, and it still isn’t enough. Hang in there. And I really hope it evens out soon for you.


Thank you! I needed it today.

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@Chris, I know just how you feel.

It is so frustrating to work like crazy to bring them down, hopefully without a deep low, then to see them go up like crazy on any pretext:-)

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Been there so many times.

Like an inconsistent ump. One time it’s a strike and the next it’s a ball.

Hang in there and eventually he’ll crush his pitch and get back on track.

"#T1Strong my friend. We are here for you and your son.


Those days are tough. You just hold on by your fingernails, grit your teeth, pray for a few hours of sleep and hope the next day is better. Hang in there!