Blood sugar insanity

When things get like this (the past two to three days, basically) I don’t even know where to start. It just seems like everything is wrong!!

I go back to my highly variable work on Wednesday…hopefully I can get things back under some semblance of control by then…


Thoughts are with you as you work through this rough period!

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We have had rough periods like that as well. Our thoughts are with you as you work them out. Once the roller coaster starts it is often hard to get them to stop.


Goodness! So sorry, @Jen! We know you’re doing all the right things. Hope your body agrees with you soon.

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Wowzers! That’s crazy. If I saw that, I’d think my sensor was being a drama queen about dying.

Do the rapid spikes follow eating or treating a low, or are they “just because”?

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Yeah, I wondered about that, but sadly fingersticks are agreeing with the sensor (that’s less than a week old).

Some follow eating (even when counted correctly with a scale) and some are just random—correction will bring me down a bit, and as soon as the insulin wears off it’s back to spiking like crazy.

I do, too! Not sure what’s up. Combination of time change (travel), hormones, seasonal changes, allergies, and who knows what else, maybe. Reminds me of when my thyroid was out of whack and things were haywire for “no reason” that I could determine, but I’m not getting that checked for another four to six weeks.

@Jen You’ll get through this, don’t stress about it.
Same thing happens to me a few times a year and I’m no worse for the wear.

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At least I just made low-carb lemon poppyseed muffins to console myself. :slight_smile: My blood sugar is still high at 10.5 and insulin seems to have run out of lowering power, but I’m about to have one of these muffins straight out of the oven before I leave. Hopefully they’ll taste as good as they smell! :yum:


@Jen, we are also having a horrible 4-5 days. Everything seems changed – looks like a different patient.

I really feel for you – stand fast!

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Well in the teenage years you can practically have a different person from week to week !!!


I cringe to think what my teenage blood sugars must have looked like while taking two shots a day of R and NPH and testing four times a day. :shudder:


You tested four times a day as a teenager? Wow. Now that’s dedication.
When I was in high school, I doubt I tested more than four times a year.
Until my mother bought me my first Glucometer, and then I tested more often just because it was modern and cool and my fingers didn’t get wet with you know what. The first time I used it, the screen read “HI.” My mother said, “Oh, isn’t that friendly … but what’s your result?”


Well, I did go through a phase where I only tested 2-3 times a day. But I’m lucky that that’s the height of the “rebellious” period for me.


i know that i don’t know your entire story, but have you tried doing an elevated Temp Basal with your pump (or other basal insulin) ?

i’ve been sick all week, and before i could get a grip on things, my BGs were all over the place. (up as high as 380 and lows in the 30s ) i started a TB rate and my BGs leveled out.

i hope that you find a solution and that tighter control comes your way soon. so sorry about what you are struggling through. all my best wishes.


Sometimes ignorance is bliss :slight_smile:

For sure we worked a lot less at it before we had a CGM! I can only imagine how much “easier” it must have been before BG meters.

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The only part that wasn’t easier was trying to get out of your wrecked car because you just had an accident due to not knowing your Bg was crashing before getting behind the wheel.

The rest was ignorant bliss :wink:

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Well, I’ve calmed things down somewhat over the past couple of days, mostly by raising all my pump settings.

But today I ran a +100% basal rate because I was running at the top of my target range for a few hours…and I forgot to turn it off, and then also massively over-bolused for a high-carb snack, and then walked home from the train station. I dropped by over 4 mmol/L (about 75 mg/dl) in literally 10 minutes. I was literally seeing stars and couldn’t see where I was going because the world was overlayed in flashes of red and broken up into shards, and I felt like I was going to pass out! I went and leaned against a random building and some guy came over to ask if I “had my bearings” and needed help. I thanked him and said I was fine, and after suspending my pump and ingesting two tubes of glucose tablets I was able to walk the rest of the way home without collapsing (though I had no idea where I was half the time), even though my Dexcom was still reading LOW. When I got home I ingested a granola bar, a muffin, some chocolate, and a veggie sausage. I bet I’ll spike hugely, but I also still have six units of insulin on board, so I’m hoping that’ll soak up all those carbs.

It’s not often that I have a legit scary low like that, but wow, that was a bad one.


@Jen, that is really frightening! How are you doing now? Are you OK?

It would be nice if you reply to this if you get it so we know you are good. This is spooky.

All good now! Didn’t even spike nearly as much as I thought I would.