Exercise and bg"s


@Nickyghaleb, @Eric, i havr kept up with the running tread (book) ya"ll have going and it’s hard stuff. But it has motivated me to start exercising again. Let me say first I have been pretty seditary for awhile and for past mabey three weeks have started exercising again.
With out going into incredible detail I’ll review today. Woke up at 170 ( am normally between 100-110) corrected with pump recommended 3.1 units, did my ti-chi exercise went outside cut and were eager yard started working on bicycle ( have been riding 2 miles a day) started selling bad checked pump was at 61, verified by d’s put pu.p in suspend.
Science starting back up my basal rates have gone from over 2units to 1.25units and ir, ice have both gone up. Granted they started when I was sick and on an antibiotic, so not sure if thats cause.
Realize there’s not really any question and am not looking for extreme guidance, mabey just a digestion or two.


No offence intended, but I am thinking you posted this either while using a phone, or perhaps while you were low.

No extreme guidance being offered, but in my son’s case, bolus insulin + exercise = low bg.

If you were looking for a digestion, I can heartily recommend chocolate donuts for moderate lows. /s


@Eric will be back in a few weeks and he’ll be happy to help when he returns.


@T1john, I am SO glad you’re exercising again. Oh, that makes me happy. I hope you’re easing into it and finding stuff that feels good. I think your body could use it.

I’m no Eric, but I’ll tell you the thing I saw was that you did a big correction bolus and headed out to cut the grass before getting on the bike. I’m not sure how long it took between the bolus and the bike riding, but I have learned my blood sugar behaves the nicest when I have no active insulin on board. So no recent boluses. Correction or food. Even a small bit can be exacerbated with physical activity, and something like 3 units would definitely lead to a crash. I aim for about 3-4 hours without doing any fresh boluses before I head out. So if you could try to time your exercise for a time of day when you haven’t bolused recently? Even a couple of hours to start? Also, did you test before heading out the door? I test RIGHT before starting to get the best idea of whether I’ll need carbs or not. If I find myself borderline low, I might have some carbs before starting (10 or so), but if I’m on the higher end, I can always just bring them with me.

I’m really glad to hear you’re feeling well enough to be up and moving. Hope you’ll keep it up and keep us posted. :slight_smile:

And I really am taking a break, but I couldn’t not…


@Chris Both


@Nickyghaleb, just got back from bike ride, normally do after dinner, with a temp. Basal increse instead of bolus right away.
Normally when I get up i d’s and then exercise then check cgm/pump, then eat breakfeast. I didn’t really want to start day so high, i try and am Pertty good at not going over 150, but stuff happens.
Any way apparently I will have to change something. And enjoy your break.


No, you are no Eric, you are 100 times better. :heart:

I am working on something. As Harold mentioned, I’ll be back in a few weeks and I would be happy to help you with some of this stuff if you want.


@Eric, sure, would be appreciated, mabey I will have some of it worked out by then.

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Just FYI, my goal is to be able to do my 6 black belt forms (tae kwon do) again.


Okay. Still trying to understand what you’re doing here. I’ve read it a few times. A temp basal increase instead of a bolus?? I assume you mean for your dinner?

What’s “d’s”? That sounds important. :grin:

I absolutely understand about wanting to treat the high in the morning. I do that, too. It still doesn’t change the fact that your insulin is going to cause a fast crash. Doesn’t matter if you have all the best intentions. You’re doing your bike ride before you eat breakfast? Did I understand that correctly? If so, what is behind your high blood sugar in the morning?? And is it high consistently?

Break’s over. I was just being dumb. :roll_eyes:

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@Nickyghaleb [quote=“Nickyghaleb, post:10, topic:7410”]
Okay. Still trying to understand what you’re doing here. I’ve read it a few times. A temp basal increase instead of a bolus?? I assume you mean for your dinner?
Yes after dinner. Then if needed will do small boluses untill i get down to target.

Was supposed to say fs’s (finger stick) i am wearing my pump cgm (enlite) and 14 day libre. I always do d’s in morning before getting out of bed, also to see how my teck. is doing (how close my readings are.
Sorry for the mangled english, between not profreading, spell check and lows it can get bad.
I chase lows allot, seems my IT has gone from 1-15 to like 1-25 or more so I have gotten in the habit if stacking 0.5 boluses to try and not crash.
Today I awoke at 70 (fs, libre, cgm shows 67) will do my ti-chi then streaching then eat breakfeast. Then ill clean up house and take puppy for walk.
At lunch I’ll check bg then after eating work on my first form (tae whom do).
Dinner check bg, eat and go for bike ride (and by bike ride I mean bicycle, not at point where I’ll ride my Harley yet)
Through out the day I’ll go low 2 or 3 times, but with temp. Basals, and micro boluses i rarely go over 150. The up side of is i am gaining weaght from chasing lows, just dont fell well from them.


So… my first thought is that maybe as you are feeling better and are becoming more active (because you describe a pretty active day), you really are experiencing a decrease need for insulin. You’ve talked about tai chi, walking the puppy, cleaning house, cutting grass, and going out on your bicycle. You’ve also come from a major surgery and probably have spent a good deal of your time sitting, lying down, and recovering. Would that be possible? That your activity is picking up? If that is the case, and if that is your current trend, then maybe you could consider pulling back on the basal a tiny bit. A very small change just to see how it looks. Lows suck, even minor ones, when we’re hitting them repeatedly throughout the day. So maybe you can try to address that issue first before figuring out what to do specifically at riding time… and, if it were me, I would consider doing it by either slowing the basal a little OR adding in snacking throughout the day. I would think either could help.

What do you think? Ideally, you want to be hitting your riding time with a stable, normal blood sugar without any insulin on board or a bunch of recent carbs. The only way to do that is to start getting a handle over your rolling blood sugar earlier in the day.



Hum, let me see, my basal is the 1 thing I test allot. I understand the importance of it, mabey. Yes I have lived a pretty seditary life style. At times extreme with illness, depression etc.
My basal is set where, excluding outside influences like overcorrecting, activity etc I stay in upper 90’s. I have been using alot of temporary basal increases to help cover carbs. It takes awhile for food to affect my bg due to gastroprohesis so they work pretty well. For lows I do more suspends than lowering basal. I will lower basal sometimes but because of its delayed effect I’ll find I have to do a basal for what I’ll be lacking for two hours. For example if I lower basal .50units from nornal and then raise 1 unit from normal before eating I’ll give my self 2 units when eating, 1.5 for missing basal and .5 for food. That is just example #'s but what do. The every hour I’ll do basal untill i see leveling out. Yes sometimes I’ll have to deal with the tail. Usually with suspends if I am still dropping fast at about 130bg. Of course it dosent always work out, More often not so good.
Like today have done nothing with insulin, got up made life blood (coffee), sweep house, put trash cans on street, put away dishes and changed laundry. My bg is now 89. Going to do exercising now. Too late for temp basal so leaning on coffee to keep bg up.

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Sorry about long rambling post. When to PCP last week, weight at heart attack couple months back was 161 last week was 189, used to weigh 280 before cancer in 2013?
Also went to eye doc last week, no signs of any diabetic damage at all, but am in early stages of glioma he is giving me medical marijuana. Don’t know if I’ll use but who knows.


Did you go to cardiac rehab following your heart attack, or was it too mild for that?


I did rehab at home, had nurse and occupational therapist come to house twice weekly for 2 months. Got me back up and walking but stopped after they stopped coming.

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Oh wait that was last summer, this last time only 2 weeks with occupational therapist.

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Kind of a bummer to add heart disease to diabetes. Of course it isn’t uncommon, just no fun. I hope you work out your exercise dosing.


@Chris, actually it’s a defect that I’ve had all my life. Diabeties has blessed me with nemours nerothropy though.

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All of my posts are long and rambling, so let’s nit apologize for that. :grin:

I have to sit back down with what you’ve written though and get back to you. Every time I think I have an idea what the problem is, it looks like I had it wrong. So I’m going to piece it all together once I have a minute.