1st outdoor ride in a while

@Eric sunscreen does not work well enough for me! I don’t burn with it, but still wind up with significant tan lines (and sun spots) from playing outside through the summer. I think what happens is that I sweat through the first application and then am sweating so much that any further applications don’t get absorbed well enough. That said, though, I’m not sure how this long sleeve stuff is going to work in the really hot temperatures-- they’re driving me a little crazy already!


Just to be clear I only have 2 bikes now, I found a home for one of the road bikes. I just spent mucho dinero on the gravel bike because the cranks are just too long for me. Maybe 15 years ago this would not be an issue, but that extra 2.5mm length just aggregates my right knee. I have no knee issues with 170mm cranks which I have used for more years than I can remember, but the 172.5mm ones just don’t work for me.

Maybe I can find a buyer for the original on as it is in pristine condition.

I think a bike/boat shed is just not in the cards. Maybe if Publisher’s Clearing House Prize Patrol comes knocking. Then a shell and a cat (sail) boat.


Do you apply the sunscreen at least 30 minutes before hitting the courts? That helps it do what it’s suppose to do.

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I ride a motorcycle all the time and I wear a half helmet and sun glasses while I ride. As such, I look like a raccoon going to steal food from your fridge. :smiley:

I’m so happy I have a wife that still loves Mr. Raccoon.


My father was an avid cyclist as yourself. He got down to one bike but he had a wheel/tire change for road & dirt depending on where he was headed.

I use to enjoy riding with my dad but after a while it got old because he could ride me into the ground. :grimacing:

Glad to see you are back at what you enjoy. Stay safe :smiley:


I do!!! I might try mineral sunscreens again, but they are so thick…