Last ride for me before surgery and the last ride ever for a friend

I did 26 miles, feeling more like before the cancer diagnosis. I could’ve done more but knew the wind would be in my face on the return.

At the halfway mark I stopped to give tribute to my friend Ken Spence who was killed by a distracted driver, 5 years ago January 4th.

Here’s some pictures.
And here’s is obituary, his family, his friends and the whole community lost a valuable person.

If you ever see a white painted bicycle on a fence or sign post, remember the person who died. Ghost bike for riders in the sky.


Wow! Great job with that bike ride! That’s a good distance and good decision to not overdo it with the wind in your face.
So sad about your friend! Some drivers just don’t get it, unfortunately.
You’re facing another surgery?


Another TURBT, which is outpatient on th 12th with the big one, radical cystectomy the 22nd. It takes several months to recover.

Exercise especially bicycling has been a part of my life ever since I could balance on 2 wheels, more so after diagnosis with type 2.

They encourage walking afte surgery, and I am a good walker, but it doesn’t get my heart rate up like being on the bike.

Thanks for your thoughts on Ken. If you were lucky enough to meet him you’d know he was a true friend in less than 5 minutes.


Sounds like you’re in for a rough ride for the next few weeks. It’s terrific that surgery is possible. With the attitude you show in your posts, you’ll keep on living the best life you can. I’m a walker and have used Nordic poles to get upper body exercise, along with leg exercise. My recent ventures in the pool prove to me that I have gained some muscle. I haven’t done much cycling because sometimes I feel like my balance is off. Also , it’s winter here and I’m not a cold weather cyclist. The Nordic poles also help with balance when I’m walking.
I didn’t know the white bicycle meaning, and don’t think we do it here.


According to this website these memorials are in at least 30 countries including Canada.
Ghost Bikes | ghost bikes.


Wow! Not only am I learning about Diabetes, but so much more. Thanks for this information. Although some Canadian cities do this, my city, Winnipeg does not.