More showing off (#31)

Had another race, nice conditions, results and blood sugars were good!


Those are great pictures! You should put them on the Unlimited Pictures thread too!

I think we had a discussion about this before. How did you end up deciding to do your carbs in the water?


Where is that?


Newport Beach, CA…traditionally a venue with less wind but got more favorable wind on this day.


Haven’t seen that thread in a while…I’ll have to find it.

I ended up taking your advice in terms of equipment and nutrition.

Pre-racing, I kept things rather aligned to any other exercise day. On the water I just bring all sorts of stuff. I have a small water proof bag that has the medical equipment inside a larger water proof bag that has all the food. That bag has 10 honey stinger wafers (and the life jacket has 2) in addition to 3 Perfect Bars (a high protein/fat/carb bar that I’m not sure how prevalent they are over the country). If the number is staying somewhat low and not really dropping and there isn’t much insulin I like using that because I know it’ll raise the number slowly and keep it up during exercise rather than spiking it. I also have 4 water bottles. 2 of the water bottles have mango juice (and one also has electrolytes), 1 has a water plus electrolytes, and the other just water. As we know, the right amount of juice can bring the number up enough and go well with the slower carbs if needed. I also have some no carb protein items out there. The life jacket also has a syringe pre-loaded to 3 units in case a high alarm goes off.

Post-racing on a windy day it seems like the body needs all sorts of replenishment. As advised before, can go for a bit of a bolus and eat quite a bit. There’s been times when this has gone up to 150 carbs without that much of a dose. Afterwards the nighttime numbers are generally pretty happy.

That’s a great video of what it’s like when it’s windy so can see how the calories are getting burnt pretty well. I wasn’t in that particular race but one of my friends got the victory.


Haven’t been able to find the FUD photos thread…I had seen it before and searched for it but no luck

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It’s pretty big. You gotta do some scrolling to get to the end. :grinning:

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