Xdrip + Smartwatch collectors


I’ve been using X trip with my Samsung S7 phone for quite a while and I love it. I’ve seen the new Samsung gear s3 Frontier on sale recently and I’d love to use it as a collector instead of my phone. From what I’ve gathered i don’t believe it will work without the phone. Am i correct?


Oh well. Never mind.


@Osoblu, my understanding is that the only Android Wear watch you can use that way is the Sony Smartwatch 3, which is not sold by Sony any more but may be found reasonably easily.

@docslotnick, is my knowledge on this out of date? I got it all from you :slight_smile:


@Osoblu You can patch other watches to use xDrip+. There are about 6 of them to choose from.


They require flashing a new ROM onto the watch, and instructions are given. The only watch to work out of the box is the Sony SW3.

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Thank you both for your info. I may wait till the sw4 is released.


@Osoblu. Unfortunately the SW4 is nothing more than vapor ware. It seems that Sony is not in the watch business anymore.


Hi Docslotnick,

thanks for this information. Did I get this right:
When I patch the ROM of the watches in the list, I can use them as collector without the smartphone?

I use the freestyle libre, the miaomiao reader and xdrip on a Samsung A3. I’d prefer to use a smartwatch instead, because I do noch like to be with my cell phone all the time, especially at night and doing sports. Also, when the smartphone is in another room, the batteries are empty too quickly.

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@Erik. Yes, that is the purpose of patching the watch. The watch can be used as a collector after applying the patch.


From reading other forums and by piecing together bits of information, I believe the reason Wear OS watches have trouble reading the Dexcom sensors is because of Bluetooth security.

Someone told me that the MiaoMiao has no such built in security and is more likely to work on more Wear OS watches without patching the Bluetooth…

I don’t have a MiaoMiao or Libre to test with as I use the G6.

However, if the aforementioned “someone” is correct, I’d be inclined to switch to the Libre. I’d love to be able to use my watch as a standalone collector and be able to pick a watch that has an ATM3 or better waterproof rating. I believe even the Sony is only IP68.


@HeyGar Hi HeyGar, welcome to FUD.

I don’t think you will find a watch other than the Sony Smartwatch 3 that will natively receive a CGM signal. As you say, other watches can be patched to recieve the signal, but if you can have another watch receive the signal from a MiaoMiao, a lot of people would like to hear about it.

I don’t know w the water proofing level of watches, but you should look at the watches that can be patched to work.
I understand they also work with G6.