Xdrip+ / nightscout to clairity via what app?


My endo doesn’t mind me using Xdrip+ or even Nightscout, but says that due to HIPA regulations they cannot get my #s off a web site and I have to FAX them in if I need tweaking help.

I know I read somewhere that there is a way to EXPORT the data from either Xdrip+ or Nightscout to some 3rd party app and then get that app to upload to clarity but it gave no details. I’m coming from a G6 if that makes a difference.

Any ideas please?


@bpollina @docslotnick is the resident expert on XDrip round these here parts. Might PM him to see if he knows.


@bpollina you might also consider xdrip to Tidepool which is free.



@bpollina XDrip+ doesn’t currently upload to any app except Nightscout or an app that uses the SiDiary csv format. But the developer is on the verge of making a deal with Tidepool to upload data to them. It shouldn’t be long.


@elver Great find! Thanks.