The great milkshake and banana split challenge!

The gauntlet was thrown in this thread: can we find a way to accommodate banana splits and milk shakes?

So, here is my thought: log in this thread your dosage and BG track for a banana split or a milkshake! Let’s see if we can find dosing formulas that work well with some members or groups! Imho, just trying shows the right spirit :slight_smile:

The rule: it can be a homemade or a store-bought version – but either way it must be DELICIOUS, certainly no worse than a good store-bought version.

As this is not an experiment that can be made every day, I am not expecting that we should see daily posts in this thread :slight_smile:


Milkshake basics:

Fun milkshake recipes:


These two sources are a perfect combo!

One gives a good method, and the other has fabulous recipes – I am not a big milkshake fan yet I really wanted to make them all :slight_smile:


The Rhode Island “Coffee Cabinet” really appeals to me so I plan to get some coffee ice cream this weekend. :coffee: :icecream:

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This is a great thread to have as a counterpart to @Eric’s “The Secret” ! You get a bit teary-eyed at reading the Secret’s thread, then you can get to feel good by planning your next banana split :slight_smile:

Here is a recipe I found for a banana split that seems to have all I like in one:

I have not counted all the carbs you need yet to make it all (all the calories), but it’s not going to be pretty :slight_smile:

On the other hand, it should taste awesomely good! We are going to have a try at it this week-end.


Most of the milkshakes I have at home are made by my wife. In general, if I am low enough to want/need a milkshake, I’m not the one who should be left alone with the blender…:grinning:


Homemade Nutella Peanut Butter milkshake with a shot of rum is pretty good. (Rum is optional)

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@EricH loves a good milkshake.

So, the other day (before this thread was born), I thought I would be really nice after he had a run, and I attempted to concoct a banana split milkshake. But I didn’t have ice cream, so I blended chocolate milk, a frozen banana, hot fudge sauce, some ice, and then some blueberries and raspberries (because I needed even more carbs in there to reach the replacement amount mentioned on another thread here)…and it was gross. And there were 4 cups of it! Like a large 4 cup measuring cup full of this stuff! I poured it into two pint glasses and delivered it to EH. And he drank it all - like a champion.

Turns out, a banana split is one thing, a milkshake is another, and in my future, never the twain shall meet.


OK, we are getting ready for a banana split challenge tomorrow for lunch. I went shopping today (Step 1) and got bananas, three flavors of ice cream, the makings for three toppings (hot fudge, caramel, and strawberry fudge), strawberries (to replace maraschino cherries that I could not find in a small container) and nuts. We will report on the experiment!


Good luck! Curious to hear about the results. I haven’t yet figured out how to eat a banana without a big spike, much less tossing it in a sugar bomb.


One trick is to do a big pre-bolus. Get yourself so you are on the way down. Then just before you bottom out, take more insulin and quickly dig in to the treat!

It just takes practice with the amount and timing.


Haha, that’s my problem then! I’ve never deliberately made myself start going low before. :grimacing: Guess that will be an experiment when I get my CGM; way too afraid to try that kind of thing with just finger pricks.


I want to mention though, the CGM is using interstitial fluid instead of blood. So there is a delay between what your CGM shows and what your BG actually is.

Assuming you have an accurate BG meter and accurate CGM, the BG meter would actually be the safer way to do it.

Your actual blood glucose can be on the way down before your CGM ever knows it. Maybe 15-20 minutes before, depending on many things.

So if you are not bothered by finger pricks, doing many of them - several minutes apart - is a good way of doing it.


Wow. Ok - I had heard (or read…or maybe made up in my head?) BG meters were more delayed than the CGM, but if that’s the case…guess I’ll be trying some bananas sooner rather than later!

The best way to see it is have both and do a comparison. Which one shows the drop sooner and how much sooner, things like that.

When your BG is flat, they will both be the same. Because if your BG is not changing, it doesn’t matter if the CGM is 20 minutes delayed. If it hasn’t changed in 20 minutes, they will both be exactly the same. But once it is rising or falling, that is when you compare them.

It is a little different for everyone. You have to do tests and comparisons yourself to see what the delay is for you personally.

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Good to know before I start relying primarily on a CGM - thanks!


OK – Step 2 towards the banana split project: strawberry fudge.

I took 13 oz of strawberries, 3 spoonfuls of cream, and 10 bags of Splenda, blended, and reduced for 30 minutes on a medium-low burner.

Results – this strawberry fudge:

I have 7 oz of it. Nutrition, per ounce: 5.5 carbs. That’s pretty low-carb and it tastes really intensely strawberry!


@Kaelan must be stoked! Whatever the result!!


He is! We are getting ready for the experiment as we speak, he has already pre-bolused…

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Step 3 in the great banana split experiment: we prepared hot fudge.

For hot fudge, I used 4 squares of Trader Joe’s 72% Belgian chocolate bar, 3 ounces of fat-free half-and-half (all I have at hand) and some sugar-free chocolate syrup from Walden:

There is enough for three banana splits. My son and I found the result delicious, although a tiny bit runny:

Hot fudge for one banana split: 11 carbs

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