Please help! Just screwed up cake bolus - crappy math

Hi everyone. I decided to be bold and even picked a 248 Gram size of Of my triple layer, key lime cake to try for breakfast this morning. I played with the number so much and combining the different temps. I received that I screwed up. I was going to do A combination of my responses and I was using BKH is idea of assuming half the cake is carbs and then the bolus wait for it to start going down and then Bolis the other half when it starts going back up. Unfortunately with my crappy doing math at the last minute when I wanted to hurry up and start, I accidentally bolused for the whole 248 g in my morning ratio is 1 to 9 so I have bolused 14 units of insulin. And I’ve never had so much insulin. I guess luckily, I did weight training today and my sugar was a little high anyway by about 30 points. It was reading 146 on my Dexcom after weight training for an hour and then a walk I’m about 2 miles. Please tell me what to do now, or just some suggestion of what to look for and went to act and how. I’ve never done The cake situation but I guess in normal life, your bolus and then wait and eat and I waited about 10 minutes. I began to eat at 8:08. And of course, because I learned lots of lessons at one time, my Dexcom is seemed a little bit off and after I had already bolused, I’d get a fingerstick and my Dexcom had been at 1:46, but my true blood glucose was 163. Crazy timing because I stuck a freestyle libre three in my arm to see how they compare because I’m on MDI and the labor I was reading exactly right. So I can go buy either one but right now it is 830 and the Dexcom is reading 135 and level and funny enough the Freestyle is reading 159 and level, but it was 161 when I started. And I’ve had them both in for a while and calibrated the Dexcom three times now, but the libre has been sort of erratic been higher than and lower than the Dexcom so that probably just clouds the water. Please advise with how you would handle this. I just ate some egg salad, thinking maybe that could help give me some decision making time but sometimes I make rash decisions. I will tell you that eating cake makes my mental health happy… And I’ve got to be more careful when doing math because I guess I just done so many different scenarios of 25% upfront and so on and so forth that I forgot the whole basis was to just try to find the carbs in this cake which has got to be carb heavy I would think and I liked the idea intuitively I’m just pretending like half of it was carbs half of its weight that is but now I’ve bolus for the whole thing. Help me get through this. I know you will. Thanks in advance.

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Temps above is tips As in the tips I received from y’all. As you can tell, I was in a hurry.

As of 8:50, dex is 161 and rising (angled up, not straight) and FS Libre 3is 168 and level. One more anomaly to report, and all of this could be in my favor or against me because I’m not sure how all this works, is, that, of course, I usually have been taking my tresiba at 8 PM every night, but was low before waking and affecting early am exercise routine, so decided to move it to 7 am for new time. So, it is supposed to work 36-42 hours, but I have know it seems like 24 in me. Still, I took no Tresiba at 8 last night and only took it at 4:15am this morning upon waking at 166 (yest. Woke to 75, hence the change). Turns out it was 166 and level from 10:00 on. So - maybe a cushion or one more exacerbation of my excitement and then rushing to eat cake. I have been looking at the cake since yesterday evening when we bought it. I had a crying jag when I made a skinny little slice of 111 grams and used to eat 3 times that and figured it wasn’t worth doing for a small piece. So, after exercise, I cut a regular huge enjoyable slice and added some stray icing even from the edges. Would have been a perfect experiment had I just not done so much studying and kept it simple. Didn;t think twice about bolusing for a few more carbs than I eat in a whole day (usually 105 to 119, not counting glucose tabs). Should have been a red flag. Ugh! Okay, now you have a bit more backstory. Now I just need suggestions for dealing with this sort of cluster. I will probably have another brainfart in the future, but will be armed next time. And remember, I can eat a banana or more cake or leave right now for a fast or slow walk or anything to help temper whatever might happen, so please suggest if you can, anything that I can do to be proactive. Current stats now at 9:00 are 162 Libre and level and 157 and level on dexcom. Nothing drastic yet. Just my imagination. But I will be a more well-rounded person as I go through this. Oops, now 183 and rising on dex. Would a walk help? Don’t want to over-react. But want to temper this. Libre is 166 and still level. It updates every minute. I am holding myself back from walk, but don;t know how long to wait and don’t want to go low. Thanks again in advance.

199 and straight up arrow now -ugh

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I’d wait and see. I certainly wouldn’t go for a walk after that huge (for you) bolus only about an hour ago. Not all of that kicks in right away. I’d give it another hour or even two and see what your trendline is doing. I’m usually too impatient with highs and give myself extra boluses, but then spend the next 12 hours treating lows. Like others said in your other post, the occasional high ain’t gonna kill ya.

By the way, how did you calculate the carbs in a store-bought cake? 248g is huge!

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How long ago did you bolus? And how much cake do you have left?

Because if you don’t mind eating more cake if you “have to”, maybe hit it with some more insulin.

@Beacher Hi! Thanks for the reply. I confess I am like you and wanted to throw more insulin, but I did a fast 1/2 mile and got it off the 200 to 183. Now only hope that was not too much. I literally purposefully counted half of its weight in grams and meant to be an aggressive estimate of half of those being carbs as another member does. I feel that was exactly what to do, but dumb me bolused for the full “1/2 of the weight of it” meaning 100% of the aggressively calculated carbs. Meant to do half of that number as a pre-bolus and then other half upon rising. Anyway, I will be at the 2 hour mark soon and hope not to have to drink apple juice and am really just trying to find out how to live with the high and not go low. Do not want to drink apple juice and have it rise, but have no idea how this will work. Oh and cake is from a special local bakery, not store bought. So, plenty of icing and hopefully cake’s ingredients will have some real stuff to help. Crap - now sitting here I am159 and falling. Not straight down, though. Hope it will level back up or I may have a sip of apple juice. Very scared of lows and I truly feel bad in mid 60s. Fingers crossed. I was walking while you responded- ugh. At least I fought the urge to go farther, though I went fast. Double ugh. Thanks for trying to help. Were you me, would you go ahead and sip 8 carbs of juice or let it fall more?

No worries. Test your BG with a meter. See what it really is right now.

You have more cake, right?

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@Eric Hey, Eric! Geez - glad to hear from you! I bolused all 14 units at 7;46. Almost to 2 hour mark, but walked fast .6 miles to come off 200. Dex. Is sitting at 170 and level and Freestyle is sitting at 167 and level started the walk at 9:12 AM having hit 200 about 905. Literally now both Dexcom and Freestyle are at 170 and level. Is there a point at which I should sip juice or just try to sit still? I probably shouldn’t of walked. But I’m still hoping that since I started out the morning, so much higher than usual and dead weight training, which tends to raise my sugar later, that I could get lucky but I’d like to know if there’s a number I should have 2468 g of banana juice, cake, or whatever in order to avert a low. This is a challenging balance, but I know I can do. With a Little help from my friends, of course! And certainly nobody can prevent my dumb ass mathematical issue. And as I wrap this up, the Freestyle has now gone to 178, and as I said it changes every minute. Kind a hope the Dexcom does the same. I forgot that I would rather be high than low as I don’t prefer either. Thanks for helping and please keep chiming in.

And Eric, I have the entire cake left and I even have a measured slice of that pitiful 111 versus the big ass piece I ate. Just wanna do what’s best to not go to extremes if that’s possible at this point.

And I’ll go back there and test again. Yuck wish me luck at getting enough blood the first time.

What is your BG number from a meter?

I want to make sure I understand this. You are 170 and are worried just because you took a lot of insulin?

@Eric Eric - Geez! My finger stick is 225! Dex is at 210 and straight up arrow and Libre is 203 and level. What say you I need some force here

Let’s go back to this…

So just about exactly 2 hours in from bolus. Finished cake at 8:33. Should I walk, wait or what? Guess it is at least not dropping fast. And now rising again. Also, remember I ate about 4 tablespoons of egg salad when I realized error at the end of cake eating.

@Eric Thanks - I can eat more cake. How much insulin do you think I should try? On pump before I had sort of made up a correction factor of 60, but could be 80 or who knows. Would prefer to lightly hit insulin But now Dexcom is 213 and straight up arrow and Freestyle is 212 and level. Could I consider another walk around the block instead?

My cake if pics come up

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check your messages…

@Eric just saw this one from before - it was after my .6 mile fast walk to try and bring down 200, but was short-lived as the finger stick you recommended was 225. Sorry for confusion in timing. I just did a reply about possible second bolus and am wondering how much or to walk? I am learning lots!:grin:!

Just sent you a reply. Thanks!