Oops, I did a dumb thing

Sooooo what would you do if you were fixing dinner, decided to “just bolus” a couple units (60 carbs), and you’d figure out the carb count at the end and just feed the insulin, but then…you realize you didn’t weigh any of the veggies (before passing the point of no return), so you’ll have no way to know the carb count of some of the meal. :woman_facepalming: My rice will be 25g, I know, and I can guesstimate the carne guisada fairly well, but the veggie side…my initial guesstimate shows my meal is going to total ~35-40g. Where’s the head banging into a wall emoji when you need one?

2 choices in my view. Over-bolus and feed the insulin so you don’t drop, or correct after the fact, if your sugars rise too steeply. Whichever seems less the wisest choice, run with it!


Your wish is my command.



I guess in this situation I think I have already over-bolused (I’ve dosed enough for 60 carbs and what I would normally eat I think totals 40ish), but I’ve never dosed this inaccurately before and have never had a major low before, either - always just under my threshold (50s-60s), easily brought up with a couple gummy bears. I’m a little freaked out about going lower than that, having never done so before, so I’m probably going to end up eating a couple pieces of my toddlers candies and dealing with a possible high. :roll_eyes:

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Take this as an opportunity to do what @docslotnick and others do. Eat that favorite pastry, cake, or other yummy thing that you wouldn’t ordinarily eat! :stuck_out_tongue: Lows can be GOOD experiences!


Hmm…I do have both donuts and mini pies in the freezer… :grin:


Doc’s First Rule of Insulin Use:


Well, an hour after eating, I’m still at 102 (104 before). Guess maybe this’ll be one of those happy accident flatline meals, though I will drop a little more over the next couple of hours (but not low). Is it bad that I’m kind of bummed to miss the opportunity to try a donut? :laughing:


Not sure I understand the problem ? You took too much insulin? Or you didn’t count he veggies so you didn’t take enough?

I never count or weigh vegetables… I don’t even really consider them in the carb count except maybe corn or peas. Carb counting isn’t that exact of a science…

If you ended up with too much insulin and need a few more carbs just add a cup of milk, no biggie.

If you didn’t take enough insulin because of just some vegetables I wouldn’t worry about it, vegetables never killed a diabetic


I took too much, or thought I did - 2us when I ate the equivalent of what I would normally dose just 1u for (maybe a little more). It’s worked out so far, if my guess that I’ll end up in the 70s-80s in the end is correct. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Just to clarify, the dumb thing was just guessing at what I’d need to bolus before I really thought about what was in the meal. I usually don’t do that; not sure why did tonight!

Hell thats all I do


Yes, but you have Afrezza. I’m also still one of those super uptight, follow all the “rules” newbies. :wink:


I use novolog more than afrezza lately, mostly because I’ve been eating garbage and I need the extra long lasting horsepower to muscle through all the fats

Quote of the day ?


Gotcha. I do a lot more guesstimating than I did initially (I counted EVERYTHING, haha), but I usually don’t just dose whatever. It’s been getting more difficult as, with a 45 minute pre-bolus, I don’t always know the carb counts of my food yet.

Yeah over time you’ll have just done different types of meals and dosed for them so many times that you’ll just have a feel for how to dose without actually mathematically adding up the carbs… I can just look at a plate at this point and think “yep that looks like a 6’er with a shorter prebolus and I’ll probably need to follow up in 3 hours” and so on… u learn strict carb counting as the foundation then u just go with experience eventually…

Like learning a new language, eventually you become fluent and don’t have to think about it


That’s a good way to look at it.

Make your best guess for the minimum number of carbs the meal is likely to have and pre-bolus that. Follow-up with a bolus for more carbs when your approximation gets refined.

The concept of “exact” is highly over-rated.