Welcome, introduce yourself here!

You’re going to get along very well here bkh


Thanks. My only misgiving is whether this is merely a happy club of sugar surfers, flatliners, and Not Waiting folks who have things pretty well figured out. So far I’m not seeing a lot of postings that interactively pass it on to an individual who is earlier in the process. Maybe this place is too intimidating for lurking non-experts, so they don’t feel comfortable asking for help. Or maybe this site is just too new to have attracted that kind of traffic.


Well when we were starting out we were kind of specifically seeking out people who seemed to “have it figured out” so we ended up with a significant bias toward the tightly controlled etc end of the spectrum but as we grow we are focusing more on being able to pass along the knowledge base we’ve been accumulating here…


We are very new still. Everyone is welcome here and we are growing.

It was started by people who are very pro-active and geared toward good control. Which is kind of who you might expect to start a new site.

But once we got the foundation started and opened up the doors, our membership started growing just by word-of-mouth. We have no sponsorship or advertising. Just a bunch of cool knowledgeable and friendly D people.

We are working on some Wiki’s for newer diabetics.


welcome! FYI, my son’s BG is 282 right now and still climbing…so we still don’t have things figured out!!

I think we are all a little bit more biased towards a group of people with more than average knowledge or focus on their disease – perhaps because we started with a group of people who were very active on another site.

I would really like this to be a place that transmits knowledge and helps people who don’t necessarily start out as experts. I think it’s tough though – when someone is newly diagnosed or just earlier on in their D-knowledge I think it can be hard to know how much extra information to throw at them. I’ve tried a few times but I worry it’s sort of a data dump and that I’m overwhelming them.

I do think that @daisymae’s swimming thread is a great example of the kind of information exchange we’re hoping can become more common.


There are many people here (including our son, Liam) who definitely are not sugar surfers or flatliners although we are active in his care and are concerned about his health and welfare both now and in the future. This site was designed to not give anyone a pity party - diabetes sucks. We get it. We take another stance - it sucks BUT you can still do whatever you want, live an unlimited lifestyle and help others as part of your own journey.

There are flatliners here, for sure, but there are also “roller coaster” club members, including our son (going on 4 yo, diagnosed at 2 yo.) Everyone has their own story, but our goal is to take you in whatever condition you are in today and mold you into the kind of diabetic YOU want to be. Want to learn how to manage your diabetes while swimming? Ask @daisymae - who came here with the main concern of being unable to control her BG’s while swimming. Want to walk, run, or do yoga and control? Want to enjoy that Milkshake or banana split but not sure how to make it work? Want to move technologies from one pump to another, one platform to another, etc.,? Want to learn more about xDrip and perhaps transition into using that even though it means you may have to ditch your receiver?

FUD isn’t any one thing. There isn’t one “type” of person here. We are all different, with different circumstances, life’s goals, problems (medical problems, financial problems, healthcare problems, etc., etc.) But one thing we are not is some holier than thou forum where only the “elite diabetics” hang out. We are here in whatever stage we show up in and we help each other grow into the kinds of diabetics we want to be. We help each other reach our goals. We listen during those venting days and console one another.

But again, we don’t pity one another…enough forums do that and offer no practical, helpful advise. We may provide a small dose of pity, but you better believe that this will be accompanied with a huge dose of “how can we help you improve your situation?”

Please see the linked posts I included in my response and check out all the threads we’ve started thus far. I think you’ll find a LOT of “passing it on” to people in all stages of their diabetic journeys. I could point to hundreds, but I’ll leave that exploration for you. :wink:

We are a newer forum, but we are growing quickly BECAUSE we are offer a laid back atmosphere full of really intelligent people who are here for each other and who really care about taking an active role in their diabetes management (or their kids, if they are caregivers as in my case.). We aren’t here for any one crowd and I hope as you continue perusing these threads you’ll see ample examples of that.

Our main goal is to push the point that we can all be unlimited despite diabetes. We don’t let it hold us back. We work through our problems when we have them – we don’t sit around and cry ourselves to sleep. We pick ourselves up by the bootstraps when we don’t succeed in some experiment, or achieve some goal, or we have an especially bad day of lows or high sugars and we push forward. Most importantly we LEARN and then we SHARE with everyone else here so that they can perhaps learn from the mistakes that we make.

Hope you have time to peruse these forums fully so that you can find the many examples of people helping people. Of real people coming here WITHOUT tight control and LEARNING how to get tight control IF that’s what their goal is. Of real people coming here with the sole purpose of fixing SOMETHING about their diabetes management and getting that help in short order.


I would probably consider myself a lurking non-expert here - I was only diagnosed last year and still have a LOT to learn. I spend a lot of time just reading instead of posting, and even avoid reading some of the more technical posts at times because the information IS too overwhelming for me when I’m not feeling like I’ve got it all together (currently in one of those funks, actually). But I think that’s the great thing about this site - there’s a ton of information, and a great group of experienced folks to offer knowledge and support, but you don’t have to read, understand, and do everything everyone is posting about to be able to get help yourself. I haven’t felt uncomfortable asking questions, even ones I think are kind of newbie/“dumb” questions. As others have pointed out, this site is still pretty new, so hopefully there will be more non-experts coming in to get help to kind of even things out a bit more. :wink:


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Your post was very well-stated. Thanks for expressing this place so well!


@bkh - We are recently trying to do the sugar surfing. It is different from what we had done in the past but sounds like potentially it may work better. We are certainly not a flatliner. I am also not a “Not Waiting” and although it may aggravate those on the “Not Waiting” side of the fence - we do stick (mostly?) with the FDA approved solutions.

So I do think it is a good mix of various ideas and approaches here.

The mental approach that you described does sound like a good fit in these forums.


@Lovemel2 glad you made it! This is the welcome thread here that I was mentioning.

@bkh. I’m none of the above. I’m 65 years old, have had diabetes for 46 years, and am still figuring things out ( with the help of all of these fine folks) on a daily basis.

All of your input, questions, and comments will be welcome and will be met with intelligent, resourceful, good natured replies. Everyone will not always agree with you, but nobody will ever diss you. And most of all, we will thank you!


Welcome @bkh! I appreciate your direct enquiry about who’s here at FUD. I would have to agree with Harold’s statement:

My partner has been a T1D for 11 years, adequately controlled until recently, now more on the roller coaster. Working on changing that with lots of help and encouragement from the folks here. Some days are not as good as others, and sometimes there are hurdles (sickness, travel, etc.) but I don’t feel judged by the people here. Which is great! Don’t need that on top of everything else! Reading DaisyMae’s swimming thread helped me to see how a person can start somewhere and improve! But it’s still not always perfect!

Hopefully you’ll find FUD to be as helpful as we do!


A very hearty welcome to all those who’ve joined recently - @brrit, @aleasa24, @jonathan, @bkh, @Lovemel2!

I’m still figuring it out and need all the help I can get. Went to a wedding out of town this past weekend. My BG was 110 when I got there, I bolused for dinner and an hour later when I checked I was 70 with double arrows down. Thank god they had a donut walk as the desert table :flushed::scream_cat: - all I could say was AWESOME!

I’m glad FUD is like a Smorgasbord of D info - you can always find something!


We have a second generation Britt?

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this one has two 'r’s and one ‘t’ – the other Britt was the reverse.

More accurate would be awesome, but I don’t think it will help with that unless the inaccuracy is the result of it coming loose from the skin. Mostly, DexTape is meant to provide peace of mind about the sensor staying on and to prolong use of a sensor.


That’s what I was curious about. Maybe somehow it’s degrading the data gathering ability of the sensor because it’s not tightly affixed? Who knows! EH’s sensor sessions leave a lot to be desired, that’s for sure.


Welcome to FUDiabetes. Say hello to everyone. You have a unique story to tell and you may just be our first member in Southeast Asia-- which gets us another piece of the FUDmap to color in.


Welcome @bkh
I’m definitely figuring it out and also joined recently but everyone on here is super friendly, happy to wade in on your problems and give advice that is never scolding or condescending like some of the other sites I tried this summer
I think we are all forever figuring it out as each day brings a WTF moment !


@drwebber hi drwebber! Welcome to FUD feel free to introduce yourself here in this thread if you’d like to.

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