The daily life of cats

I love my cat so much i wanted to start a thread on cats. and learn about other peoples cats too! they are fluffy, purring, sweet, cats. they each have their own quirks.

My cat is named Taranga. when i went to the shelter she picked me to bring her home. she is a silly, demanding little thing lol. she is sweet, loving, purring and i do mean purr and like a pidgeon sometimes. she has her own quirks. the thing that she likes to do is get on her hind legs, and take her front paws, grab your hand and bring it to her face. she likes to lick your fingers as well. and your ears. She is also my ESA (Emotional support animal). she knows how to make me smile and laugh. I’ve had her since she was 4 years old and she is 9 now. she is a good kitty. knows not to scratch on the furniture and only on her scratching posts, etc. she knows when its nap time and sleeps under the covers :slight_smile:. and knows when its snack time.
Here is a pic of her!

so what about your cats :slight_smile:


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I wanted to mention this and appeal to the Unlimiteds to help.

What Amy didn’t say about her cat is that she has cancer and is having surgery to remove tumors on her mammary glands. They are doing the left side Thursday. Then after a while they will need to do the right side.

Amy is somewhat new here, but that doesn’t matter to me. She is my sister in D, so she is like family now and I wanted to help out and hope others here will feel the same way. Everyone here is like family to me.

Here is Amy’s gofundme page setup to raise money for Taragna:

I signed my donation as Eric which is a cool way for everyone to know what a great place FUD is.

It would be great to see a lot of names in the list!

I know there are a lot of cat people here. Hopefully you can donate a little bit. What a great way to show everyone what type of community FUD is.



I’m auctioning off a real life date with Eric for my contribution


I bid 4 dozen extra-high-carb-post-exercise tasty cookies!

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Thanks for letting us know. :pray:

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cookies for the win!

I have 6 cats (they have me?) and the oldest is 21 years 7 months. Harley gets sub-q fluids 3 x week He is pretty patient with his mom. Learning to give him fluids was harder than learning to give myself shots! :smiley_cat:

May your beautiful Taranga do well in surgery. Namaste. :pray:


wow 21 years! keep going harley! nice to hear about cats that reach up there. keeps going strong. and thanks. she has to have a few of them.

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Harley the Immortal!!! I can only pray Mila lasts that long, it would be so wonderful.

Harley is also known as Rusty Meow, associate of Prairie Home Companion detective, Guy Noir. His yowl, especially first thing in the morning, can be blood curdling!! :scream_cat:

How old is Mila? And what breed?

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Mila is 6. She’s technically just a “domestic shorthair” according to the shelter; her sibling looked like a plain old tabby. But clearly she’s got a strong Siamese background in there too:


She is lovely! And her stove-top portrait, well, I am ROTFLOL!

she is beautiful! i like the stove one too. its like she is asking for you to make her fish :slight_smile:.


she looks VERY much like a “blue-point” siamese. check out images on line; you’ll see what i mean :smile:

Just did… they are her long-lost siblings :slight_smile:


just to let everyone know that taranga’s second surgery was a success :slight_smile:


In the United States, it is considered bad luck if a black cat crosses your path. In England and Asia it is good luck if a black cat crosses your path.

But in Antarctica, if a black cat crosses your path it’s just kind of surprising.


i love black cats :slight_smile:…if there was one in antarctica its probably trying to blend in with the penguins

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I like how in a dark room the only thing you see are the eyes staring back at you…

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