The daily life of cats

my 3 year old burmese is named oscar wilde. burmese are known as “velcro cats” b/c they NEVER leave your side. my beloved oscar sleeps under the covers with me every night, even in the hellish heat of summers. he loves to be brushed and groomed and even enjoys getting bathed. he is a purr monster and is always well behaved.

burmese are also considered to be a brick wrapped in silk, b/c they are very very muscular and dense, but have a tight short silky coat that is beyond compare.

my husband and i have no children, so oscar is our baby. i wouldnt be who i am without him.


i dont have any kids either so my baby is my furchild. taranga likes to sleep under the blanket no matter what as well. i love purr monsters lol…so loud :smiley:


we got oscar from a breeder in ontario canada who did not have any use for him as far as breeding was concerned (he had no interest in breeding). so we adopted him last year. he is 3 now. neither myself nor my husband could fathom why someone would want to give away such a wonderful furrball of love.

and, as i am certain you know this already, whenever i am down in the dumps, or sick, or whatever crapy thing i may be going through, he seems to know this instinctively and pays me even more attention :sunny: . ( arent cats the absolute best!!! )


it is sad that some people didnt want a cat. they are indeed a furrball of love. taranga knows when i am in the dumps or that im not feeling well. she even knows when i am in pain. althought it hurts having her sit on me but she knows. cats are the best and very loving, and caring. they just have their own intuition.


its as if they are blessed with a 6th sense.

also, my husband gets very jealous when oscar spends much more time curled up with me than with him :wink:

awwww…my boyfriend’s cats likes him and not near me. i get jealous as i do see them a lot.cats can be choosy…the only other person my cat will be around is my boyfriend. she doesnt mind my best friend but she goes into hiding. taranga is very independent but will be a lovebug. and her lovebugs are awesome.


We have 4 kitties right now, but we are cat people and have had many over the years.

Our oldest right now is Turbo. He was a shelter kitty that we got for our kids right before Liam was born, so right around 4 years ago.

We have a black one named Dusky - as you can imagine, all black. He’s about a year old. Also a shelter kitty and also a kitty we got for the kids during Christmas a couple years ago as a friend for Turbo.

Then, about 10 months or so ago (after Dusky), a good friend of mine on Facebook announced that they were looking for a home for a small, fluffy gray kitten (male). As it happened, she and a friend of hers were sitting in a coffee shop chatting when a little kitty came running in from the street. Her son is a vet tech and got shots for him and got everything done from the vets perspective before we took him. We appropriately named him “Java”.

Our last kitty is a female. The same friend that had announced the small grey kitty, made another FB post saying that her son’s fiance and her were unable to keep their kitty because they were renting into a new apartment and cats weren’t allowed there. We weren’t going to take her at first because we had plenty, but then we found out this this kitty had been declawed (inhumane). We also found out that she was FAT! She ate a lot…and we also knew that having at least one other “girl” in the house may even things out a bit since this is pretty much an all boy house except for Erin. Had someone not stepped up, they were going to have to put her into a shelter. We were afraid that, since she was already full grown (the kitty), and declawed, that no one would want her. So we took her. She’s lost most of that weight now and she’s super cute. She has a “snort” when she’s scared…sounds like a pig.

We love cats. :smiley:

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oscar loves everyone that walks into our door. he especially loves to play with the two young children from across the hall ( 4 and 6 yrs old love bugs :blush:) and they are infatuated with him, even mystified. he loves playing with toys and can even jump four feet in the air chasing a feather dancer!

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a snort lol…what did you name the last kitty? sounds like one happy family :slight_smile:. i would love to have more cats but right now its just me and taranga…i did have an 18 year old that passed away 2 years ago. so ever since its just been the two of us. i like the name java :slight_smile:. sounds very appropriate considering where he came from. and i hate when they get declawed. its so sad and i wonder why people would do such a thing! that is what scratching post are for and giving them the little clippings (done right of course). What is turbo? all white, black, etc? i love hearing the colorings of cats. they are all unique in a way even if they are all the same coloring. you do find something different


Oh, sorry! She kept her name “Nala”.

He’s a tabby. We named him “Turbo” because, when we brought him home we took him out of his bin in the kitchen and within 2 seconds, he was at the front door trying to escape. That was about a hundred feet…he was super fast - so we settled on Turbo for his speed. :stuck_out_tongue:

cool! i like the name nala. its an unusual name. well turbo seems to earn that name all right lol. is he still turbo speed?

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we were considering adopting another kitty for oscar to keep him company while we were out and about or away for a w/end. but then we were afraid that he would become jealous and then angry at us and that his whole purrsonality would change and we couldnt bear the though of that. so he is our “only child.”

this is the first time in my life that i have only had one kitty. i am used to having between 2 and 4 at once, but never less than 2. its kind of weird.

No, he’s super lazy now. :stuck_out_tongue: He and Dusky are inside/outside cats while Java (super skittish and shy still today) and Nala are strictly inside cats. When Turbo isn’t outside, he’s curled up somewhere or lying on my chest or between my legs at night.

lol…i guess he figured out that its the best to be lazy :slight_smile:…poor java. i hope she gives loves. i dont know how people can sleep when a cat is between the legs or even lay on the couch, etc. im a tosser turner and i move around as i cant stay in one position for long.

@daisymae it is weird to only have one cat. ive only had one cat so when i got taranga for a companion for my other cat it was weird. but now im back to one cat it feels strange myself.


it is weird to only have one cat around. i am so used to them all playing together and romping around the house, chasing one another and then curling up together on the sofa or in front of the sunlit window or in bed.

i like to know that they always have their companions and play buddies. its so sweet.

my boyfriend has three cats. two are kittens and the other is 2 years old. he did at one point had two, one passed away so he was down to one. then 2 years ago he took one of the kittens from his sisters cats litter then adopted another one. in july one of the 2 year old died from urinary blockage and the older one died that weekend as well from heart failure. so the other 2 year old was alone for a month. and then he decided to adopt 2 kittens which are now 8 months old.

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last year, before we adopted oscar, we had a wonderful blue point siamese named Mookie Wilson. he had beaming blue eyes and a pale blue/gray coat. he was very smart and very sneaky, but he was awesome nevertheless. he knew how to open closet doors, cabinets, hide out in the darkest of places, but was always at my feet in bed with us at night.

unfortunately, very very suddenly, he began to get sick. we had to give him shots and tons of other medications. nothing seemed to work. he was only 10yrs old, so we didnt think he could be THAT sick. but then he had gotten lypmphatic cancer which metastisized to his brain. he passed away in my arms within a week. it was so unexpected and traumatizing. he was truly my husbands cat, but he always liked me too. sometimes we get mixed up and call oscar “mookie.” i really think that "mookie’s ghost is still hanging around; at least i like to think so :sunny:

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awwww hugs. sorry for your loss. mookie sounds like he was a good cat. opening cabinets lol…i should be glad my cat doesnt know how to do that…i think i would be freaking out if she did. my older cat died in my arms as well. he wasnt sit, it was just old age. i mix up taranga sometimes. ill call her calvin. my boyfriend has done that with the new kittens. i think its natural to do that. i think mookie may still be hanging out! ya never know

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i once was put in touch with a breeder who had sold one of her abysinians to a woman who lived on long island. i learned that this woman did not want the cat anymore and was going to leave him in a shelter if a new owner wouldnt adopt him. so, me, being the rescue cat lady of the neighborhood, drove all the way to this womans house to pick up the cat. he was about 1 yr old. the woman could not get him into his carrier and proceeded to chase him about her home screaming at him and swatting a broom stick at him, screaming out “YOU MONSTER!!” it was horrid.

i took him home, and he was so traumatized; it was one of the saddest things i had ever seen. he hid under our coffee table for 6 months. i had to bring his food to him as well as the litter box. but, one day, miracle of miracles, he came out from under the table and joined us in bed. from that moment on we were inseperable and he was the kindest sweetest cat ever. i named him Memphis Mao. i miss him to this day :frowning: