Eric's OTHER pod placement suggestions



And what he didn’t show us …



This looks like a CSI sketch



Well done!


Eric applying a pod in his FAVORITE location



ROTFLOL!! :smile_cat::smile_cat::smile_cat:

@Eric must be practicing yoga regularly!!


That’s funny. :grin:


:rofl: oh!


@Beacher the worst part about your suggestions?!? I actually considered them a few times! Like “maybe EH won’t notice if I stick this behind his ear?”

Honestly, that one in the back shoulder blade, it’s one of EH’s‘s favorite spots. :blush:


Although still a complete rookie, I’m going to give it a whirl at my next pod change. Just to prove to Eric that I do believe him.


There has to be a better way to get a pat on the back… Just saying…


Trying on top of my trap right now in fact so far so good.


Hi @jduff! That’s awesome! Is it your first time using that spot?? I was giving @Eric a hard time, but I’m actually eagerly anticipating my change tomorrow. I thought I’d try it out as well. I know there’s no point in asking, but did it hurt?? :grimacing:

My only other concern is my hair… don’t suppose you have long hair, do you?


First time is this spot, I have short hair so no issues there. A big part for me switching to Omnipod is having more places so seeing this was perfect timing in switching one out last night. I am curious about my upcoming workout and if there will be any impacts so I will report back in. But again seems to be a great location, not painful at all!!


Heading downstairs to get it done. Thanks for reminding me to get it done. :grin:


Still going great it is now part of the rotation!!


Trying to determine if this is a frozen shoulder treatment…hmmm


Got it on and got it going… So far so good. :ok_hand:


It’s funny because EH changed his pod tonight too! Everyone’s on the same schedule!


Not very comfortable when I carry my golf clubs!!


So I finally did it - changed the pod tonight and put it on my right calf - outside of the calf actually approx mid-leg. I am a runner and was very very hesitant about doing this but wanted to try different spots so giving this a shot. So far I am absorbing my basal insulin well, will know more within the hour. Put a half strip of KT tape over it to keep it in place. Will keep everyone posted.