Update on reset: Not necessarily all roses and sunshine after all. .

Hi everyone. I’ve had some pod bleeding from activity, I suppose, so I am into my third pod since resetting, and just wanted to share that my enthusiasm still remains fine, but your mileage may very well vary as my own has changed. After the first day of the first pod, the system began restricting my basal again, well, moreso than I would prefer, soI do think it will actually take a while and maybe several pods to get it really fine tuned. And it had been well on the way so that’s very hopeful. And I didn’t know that and taking any kind of pump break, the controller will retain my settings, and that leads me to the following: I’m actually going to take a Pump break, but not because it’s not doing well for me, but because I can’t seem to find spots that don’t get jarred too much. The second pod after reset lasted 24 hours and when I went to bolus for lunch, under 5 units, I’ve felt around the adhesive and found tons of insulin. And that always has a problem at that time because then you have no idea exactly how much got in. So I changed that one and called Omnipod for a replacement. It had been on my lower back, sort of above waist line, and I am short-waisted according to my mom, if that is pertinent, cannula on side facing spine. I had already used that side and just flipped it around. So then I put in the next pod and dealt with corrections and such. And this one I located on the other side in the same sort of location since my Dexcom is on the back of my arm it had no problems connecting. It made it until lunch yesterday and again I felt the wetness. I went to go look at it in the mirror, and it was blood making its way onto the adhesive mixed with the insulin. I think my problem is that I am a side sleeper and I can’t just sleep on one side all night so I do roll around and I can’t sleep on my back or stomach. And I think I must jar it and then get up in the morning and go for my walk and I guess somehow they are having a hard time lasting. Then I could just be in a spell where these things happen. But I always have bumps and marks where the adhesive and the cannula were and have been using Neosporin on a Band-Aid over the cannula spot to try to get it healed up for future use, but I think after 3.5 months I may just give my spots a rest, see how green the grass is or isn’t and then return with a mental plan of pod changes. I have my current one on my other arm, and I’ve never used my arm before. It took several hours before it seemed to even really give me insulin, but has been doing well, except for the fact that it is very painful to roll over in bed on it and when I was sitting on the sofa and pushed my elbow back and feel like I’m hitting muscle or something. I will say that I rather like it on my arm as far as everything else because the things on my lower back just always had my attention. And I’ve been stuck with the back since I’ve got my Dexcom where I like it on my arm. Anyway, I’m gonna give myself some grace and not get mad at myself if this going back to MDI for a bit, tries to create some anguish. And I really do feel that the pump can be awesome, but I have just got to plan more pod sites so it isn’t so stressful at change time to make the decision and to plan ahead about dexcom placement. I just truly hate the stomach for any of it. So I guess that’s why I keep using my backside for all of this. also, between activity mode and pausing insulin, I am still having issues during exercise and still trying to figure out timing of my carbs to sustain it. But, all that is to ponder while I go back to MDI for a bit. I just wanted to post an update in case anyone is thinking of resetting. I do know it is not a start from the beginning again, and that’s for sure, but it will still have to learn. And I cannot wait till the iPhone app is available because that will also make this much more alluring. And who knows I might get tired of MDI after 24 hours, but I am so fortunate to have a choice. And at least this time I will really feel comfortable about the pump because I’ve learned so much from y’all on this website and just from the personal experience. And I still feel I’m gonna want a bit more tight control that looping may afford down the road, since I already tend to this so much anyway. On the other hand I also look forward to more set and forget. The horizon looks promising, whatever the path!

I am so grateful for this site! Y’all are a wonderful community - glad to be here. Now to deal with allergy season. Variables, variables and more variables😜!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on all of it @Quadgirl.

Pods themselves take some getting used to. There are a lot of variables, including body type and which insulin you use, and how much insulin you use, and where to put it. Many factors there.

In general though, I am not a big fan of the whole O5 algorithm. I would much rather have the insulin amount be based on my own individual personal experience than that of some Insulet engineer who is trying to make it fit for everyone.

The do-it-yourself Loop setup is pretty awesome, if you want to look into that. Many people here do that.


Hugs @Quadgirl Just remember we’re in it for the long haul. Whatever works for you is what you do!

I have been having more problems with the pods/site issues for the past yearish. I want them to work so I have been trying all sorts of things. Different insulin, didn’t matter and different spots. I like my legs, but all the spots on my legs don’t work as well, and I love to knock them loose. I am always using a heating pad on my back at night, so my back is kind of out of the picture. My arms I like for my Dexcom, but I have put the pods on my arms too. But they have a tendency to fail there too and the last time I caught it when removing my clothes. Then my dog jammed her foot into it and then of course it failed and bled.

I do like my abdomen the best. I am a side sleeper too and turn several times per night side to side as I get uncomfortable easy. I almost have never got one knocked off of my stomach. Nor has it been uncomfortable. One of my favored spots is pretty close to placement under my bra line. Not so my bra hits it, but it’s a pretty protected area. Be sure to pinch a good hunk of skin if you decide to try it there, otherwise it can hurt, there is not as much fat there. I am always trying to find new territory! I also find giving a half unit when I first put one on helpful, sort of priming it? Just some information that is hopefully helpful if you go back to a pod!


Thanks, Eric! I totally agree and feel my next direction will be looping for sure. On MDI since last night and Tresiba kept me nice and level in 109-ish level all night and exercised with both weights and a 4.3 mile walk this morning and ate one 2 carb gummy before heading out (after coffee with sugar free delight which took me to about 139) and 2 more carbs from gummy on walk and spent most of it around 111 and no big drop. So much better for my mental health to not have to eat a ton to exercise and have my great breakfast after. Also, carrying one device feels so light. So I will enjoy the pump break and begin my research for what may come next. Yay!


Thank-you, Marie! I appreciate your experiences and am glad I am not the only one with site issues. I think in the future I will have to give the stomach another try. And the bra line seems interesting, for sure. I won’t rule out any area until I try it, so that is great! Also, priming seems intuitively dead-on. I will remember that! Thank-you, thank-you, thank-you!


Thanks for this update. I’m on MDI because I don’t quite use enough insulin for a pump yet but I’ve been following your threads with interest. It’s been very informative to hear your experiences and others’ tips; if I ever decide to transition to pumping I’m sure I’ll refer back to these discussions often. Best of luck getting things more stable for a bit!

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Thanks so much. You are certainly in the right place to get real information and ideas, and best yet, great support. I hope you get great results with whatever you try. Take care.

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Quick anecdote in case anyone cares…I usually will rotate between left arm, left stomach, right arm, right stomach so that there’s some variation with the spots…seems to work ok


@Quadgirl Sorry you’re having the issue with pods not lasting. I’ve read about several people having issues with “tunneling” (term of art for insulin leaking around the cannula, vice getting absorbed by the tissue); while I think most of us experience it once in a while, a few have it happen much more often. It can have to do with activity, some seem pre-disposed, some seem to have tissue that doesn’t like the plastic cannula, etc. But for some it’s a matter of the site used. I’m on Dash pods and use my abdomen (both sides but toward s the front…I’m a side sleeper) and left upper arm (inside and back). I took one off my abdomen this week kind of like you describe, a bit bloody with insulin mixed in, but my BGs were ok…I think I put it too far to the side and sleeping pushed it around too much. Anyway, if you can, try changing locations for your pod.

Second potential depends on how O5 lets you manage insulin delivery. On Loop, I can control the max bolus and some people state that tunneling is greatly reduced if they limit max bolus to 5 units or so with the rest given over time (Loop does this automatically). Apparently, some people can’t take a larger bolus without the pressure forcing the insulin “up and out”. Can you limit the bolus amount with the O5?

My 2 cents! Please let us know what works for you!


Thanks, TomH.
I definitely have no problem limiting boluses to 5. I think I may just have an issue with the type of cannula. I have tried legs. Arm, abdomen, lower back and upper butt, but maybe need to find more locations within these locations, if that makes sense. My pods only made it to 2 days, so lots of site changes needed per dexcom. Nonetheless, I think looping is in my future as I could not get OP5 to get my overnights lower where I like them and made higher numbers hard to bring down. Something is just counterintuitive about its algorithm (except that it is built to avoid lows, not highs). Anyway, thanks for your experiences and suggestions. All this is a tremendous help.


ive been on aaps since 6/22, do still a little new, however, mostly because i was used to the dexcom on the watch and heard about bolusing on the watch with the aaps wear app…slightly different from loop, but probably similar enough, everyone seems to offer great advice, however, i also wanted to mention possibly trying u200 insulin to help with the failed pod issues… im on u200 lyummjev(insurance preference), but any u200 would probably help, especially with highs, something to think about… you’ll have to change all the settings, but I’ve never had to go ti s manual mode for meals which is something i see often with o5, although I’ll occasionally suspend the loop and bolus for pasta

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Thanks, Eric!
I wholeheartedly agree and know that is where I am heading. I wish Omnipod would just let us sign a waiver, give us particulars of the algorithm and let us make it work for us as individuals. But I guess companies have to be super conservative. Or - I guess they could have different models, say 3, and have each better-fit a still general, but a tad more specific, population. Still, grateful for all technology and cannot wait to understand looping and execute it! Take care!

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