OmniPod Lessons Learned

Getting ready to start on the OmniPod pump. Interested in hearing the “I wish I would have known” examples of your experience when first starting. I’m actually excited as I know it will help in my management and will actually make my life easier in other ways. Open to any personal lessons learned.

If it’s just, embrace and move forward, that’s fine. I found this site and answers to Dexcom G6 sensor errors (answers working already) and hoping to get the same type of information to keep any personal frustrations to a minimum.

This forum is awesome.


I started Omnipod in January and it has been fantastic. Pod placement involved some trial and error…for some reason my arms and abdomen work great but I have had zero success on thighs. My observation was the bad pod sites hurt like all get out but the good pod sites are pain free.

My other $0.02 is that I have never had trouble with pod adhesion or knocking pods loose. When I started I used overtaping with skintac but now I just go with the factory adhesive and have not had any problems.


Hi @LatetotheParty, welcome to FUD!

I try to do an “activation bolus” when I first attach a pod. It seems to get things going better than just attaching it an not doing anything.

Sometimes large boluses can flood a site. Some people will use the pod for smaller boluses and basal, and for a very large bolus they will use a pen or syringe, to help preserve the site.

NovoLog worked much better for me than Humalog. Humalog seemed to deteriorate after a few days, but the NovoLog would always last better. There have been a lot of research studies that support this too. Other people here have observed the same thing for themselves also.

As @John58 mentioned, location, location, location…
Trial and error for that.

Hope this helps. Feel free to ask!


I agree with the above comments re: location. If you find absorption is poor in one are, try a new location. I used to wear mine on the back of my upper arm, but suddenly it had poor absorption. Now I wear it only on my abs, for 1.5 yrs now, and hope good absorption continues!!!

Also, I use Humalog which had been giving me bad, red welts on pod removal. I thought it was an allergic reaction but now I think it was just trauma to the skin from pod movement/perspiration during exercise. I started using Skin-Prep, just spraying a bit before I place the pod (and waiting for it to dry). Red welts are now minimal to non-existent :slight_smile: Also, I position the pod vertical with the canula on top. I know Insulet recommends horizontal placement, but that seemed to make the pod more prone to falling off during exercise.

Welcome to FUD!!!


Thanks for the info. This will help tremendously. Agree with Novolog vs Humalog. My insurance made me switch a few ago and it was not as effective. They switched back to Novolog. Moving forward, will have my Doc appeal if they change again.

Once, thanks to all.


When it starts beeping, it is very loud. Have something to deactivate it handy. If using a hammer, remember to remove it from your body first. Honestly, with as many people using the Omnipod on our site, there are remarkably few issues reported.


Remember that Omnipod will replace a pod that doesn’t make it through its three days for any reason. Sore site, a leak, knocked off by accident, you name it. It doesn’t have to be the pod’s fault.

Apply slight pressure to the pod before the cannula inserts, just enough to stop any recoil. I was not told this in my training, but it makes all the difference to a securely seated cannula.

The first time I tried Fiasp in the pod, rather than Humalog, it was a total disaster. Insane roller-coaster, red welts. A year or so later I’m trying again and I have beautiful numbers and no welts. Go figure.

You can pretty much put a pod anywhere you’ve got some flesh. I’m loving them on my pecs these days. I mentioned this to my endo and he’s like “Wha …!!!”

Here are two good collections of tips:

Have fun!


Thank you to the entire community. You are all fantastic and provide information that is based on real life experience.

So glad I found this forum and look forward to contributing as I develop my knowledge and management skills.

Truly humbled by the generosity and willingness to share. Thanks again.


Welcome! This is such a great place to learn from others and ultimately find what works for you. The folks here truly helped me become my best advocate (with daily choices, technology and interacting with health care professionals)!