Eric's OTHER pod placement suggestions


You know, I was afraid of the same thing, my concern being with bra straps and backpack straps, but it turned out not to be a problem. Maybe I got lucky, but I feel like I could definitely rotate that into future sites.


Your calf!! I don’t know why, but I didn’t think of that. I’d love to hear how you like it. I have someone in my 670G group who wears her sensor in her calf and loves it. I’ve been too afraid to try. :roll_eyes:


Well, if it sucks you could tear it off and try again?

Do you have gigantic calves? I do! They’re enormous! Normally they serve no purpose other than to make skinny pants difficult to try on (read: struggle out of in the dressing room) AND they make it impossible to find a pair of leather boots large enough to ensconce them. But for T1 pod and Dex placement maybe giant calves would be rad!

(I once had a homeless gentleman comment on my giant calves on a bus in SF for about 10 blocks. He shouted that he could see them - I was wearing a long skirt - and that they were clearly giant German woman calves, and that his were equally as lovely - at which point he hiked up hid pants to show everyone on the bus his own calves. They were not giant or lovely.)


@jduff, we’d love to know how well it is turning out for you! My son runs most every day and we have been hesitant too. Could you show a pic of your location?

@Eric, didn’t you try this a while ago?


Yes I did. It worked fine for absorption, but fell off when I was running.


Well, sure. It’s not the suckiness that prevents me from trying new locations though— it’s the unreasonable fear of insertion. I probably have one of six insertions that hurt. You’d think I’d be over it by now.

I have never been more curious about what someone’s calves look like… I also have calves that don’t do skinny pants and won’t go into boots, but the way you describe yours…

Sounds like this could’ve ended differently… at least he didn’t say he thought you had a nice butt. :grin:

I’m off-task here. I’m tempted to try the calf, too, but I also wear exercise pants. It would mean the pod being held snugly against my calf at all times. It would also mean it wouldn’t fall off. Maybe I’ll try it next.


They also sell the stretchy bands, kind of like your headbands that are for legs - maybe they call them compression sleeves? Anyhow, you might be able to use those to hold them on if you’re worried about it. Although, trying one first would probably make sense before you branch out into Omnipod a friendly additional clothes!

I am so sorry they hurt. I think that people have suggested a number of solutions for that. Icing, lidocaine, distraction. Have you tried anything like that? Still, it sucks they hurt. Even sometimes!!

I think that they hurt EH when he puts them on sometimes too. We were demonstrating pod deployment at a dinner party recently, because it was at the very end and had to be done, and there were 10 people here, two in the medical device field who were curious, and of course it was the one time in 10 that it totally hurt. I felt so bad. And I was in front of an audience! Super awkward! But he explained that it doesn’t generally hurt. I think that he hasn’t tried the calves because his are hairy. And after we had the unfortunate shaving incident, he didn’t want to go there.


Let me say this thread is getting pretty funny!! Re the location, approx 2 inches below my knee on the outside/side part of my leg. I placed the pod straight up and down, canal downward, and put a piece of KT tape on it, so far so good. I should say I do not bolus through my pod, I use Afrezza for all bolus’s however I have not had any issue absorbing my basal at this point. Very comfortable so far. I am trying these new sights so our daughter (11 yrs old just diagnosed, 4 gen on my side) will be getting a pod in Dec, so the more areas I can get familiar with the better.

When switching to OmniPod approx 1 year ago, I looked up locations that I can use, I found a picture of Kris Freeman (US Cross country Olympic team) and he had one on his chest. I do that as well, upper chest, get great absorption, in fact that has been a go to spot for sometime.

If someone has another suggestion, please bring it up, I have another pod change on Saturday and might give it a try!! Again hope this is helpful.


You mean like what Richard Simmons wore? Is this a dig, @TravelingOn? :grin: … headbands for legs… :woman_facepalming:

I don’t blame you. Not every time at least. :grin:

Great suggestions, but no, I haven’t. I don’t imagine I will either. It is what it is, and the sooner I get to it, the sooner I can be on to crying about the next thing. :wink:


I’m not sure what that’s about, but unfortunate shaving incidents are always very funny. :grin: Or at least most of the time… :thinking: