Omnipod placement: where is best?

So this makes me wonder about pod placement and general pod tips… I’m getting mine tomorrow (thank you again, Eric), and I have yet to do any reading. Is there a thread for just Omnipod? For placement and such?

I read about your forearm placement, @bpollina. I tried putting a sensor there once, and it was like a horror scene. I won’t be going back to that body part…ever. What else have you used?


Lots of good info here…seriously.


My favorite spots so far have been the lower back/love handle area, and upper thighs.

Arms weren’t comfy for me, so I use them for Dexcom instead. Stomach is ok for me but I don’t love having stuff there for some reason. I need to start branching out a little though.

I’ll confess I tried the butt pod thing and absolutely hated it, lol. Sorry @T1Allison :laughing: I have never been so happy to remove one!!

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This is very funny because I’ve seen that title a number of times and thought it was a reference to food… like should you go buy very large underwear so you could eat anything you want so that you could be unlimited… and now I know. I’ll go check it out. :grin:

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I’m pretty sure my reply a minute ago landed in the wrong place. And in response to the wrong person!! I don’t know what I’m doing… hopefully you did actually ask for pod placement tips @Nickyghaleb and I didn’t just make that up!


Ok, phew, I see your question now. I’m not losing it after all. Carry on!


Truth be told, I had a run of bad butt pod experiences. One got kinked immediately and I’ve never had a cannula hurt that badly during a bolus. The next one was a gusher…I had it in for five minutes…yanked it…and there was blood everywhere. Like it was dripping on the bathroom floor. :flushed::flushed: I’ve taken a Butt Break for a while but plan to revisit it next week. I only butt pod during the work week bc I’m so active on weekends that I don’t feel like dressing around it and being careful with it. But otherwise it’s worked pretty well, lol!

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Okay, so I nominate @T1Allison for being out on the rest of the pod placement thread if she’s going to bring stories using phrases like gusher and blood everywhere and never had a cannula hurt that badly

A run of bad butt pods… I’d say. :grin: Lovehandle it is then, @kpanda01. :fist:

I’m just glad you guys don’t do bleeder pics… They do sometimes In my group. :woman_facepalming: Thank you, Allison, for not providing a pic. :grin:


Now that’s hilarious. :rofl:


@Nickyghaleb, yeah…my husband does regularly tell me that I’m tone deaf. Probably not the best timing for those comments on my part.

I love using my arms. I never did get my midsection to work for me. Aside from the two butt flukes in a row, I’m pro-butt. But I can understand why others wouldn’t be.

Everyone has different spots that work for them. You’ll find good ones! I promise! It’s really not a huge deal. And I’m a control freak…so that’s saying something if I say it’s not a huge deal.

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Yep, what @T1Allison said. I was so stressed in the beginning over finding good spots, but quickly learned it’s no biggie.

Good luck to you!! I was super nervous going into it after reading the negative stuff online, but I’ve actually had a really positive experience. Let us know how it goes getting started tomorrow!


I second most, if not all, of your suggestions @kpanda01 and add another favorite spot for PODS - upper arm. I can’t handle either PODS or a Dex on my stomach.


I don’t like the stomach either! Both Dexcom and pods tend to be a little tender there. And I cross my arms, like, constantly (bad body language, I know!) And when I cross my arms it bumps or puts pressure on the pod or sensor and makes it ache even more. So I gave up on it for a while. I need to try my arms again now that it’s long-sleeve weather.


I was kidding, @T1Allison. Completely. I’ve just had that bouncy butt visual in my head since you shared it— so then the sudden switch to uncontrollable bleeding butt was really something. :grin:

So … should I expect some bleeders?? There’s been a lot of mention of bleeding… :grimacing:

Hmmm. I tend to want to stick everything to my stomach. :thinking:

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I had one bleed a little while it was still on. And one bleed a good little bit after I took it off. In 4 months or so, that’s not too bad, right?

I’m so bad at this tonight. Didn’t really mean to delete my other attempt at this, but I’m not sure how to bring my post back from the dead. So I’ll try again… if you like stomach sites, give it a whirl!!

I wouldn’t expect it based on me. Everything makes me bleed. So I imagine any cannula and any inserter would do it to me periodically…not just Omnipod. But, knock on wood, it hasn’t happened in quite a while. No biggie!

For me …

Very comfortable, good absorption: backs of upper arms (despite lipoatrophy), abdomen (from ribs down to belt line, and round the back as far as I can go without the pod pressing against a chair back; shares with Dexcom sensor)

Comfortable, but sometimes iffy absorption (mostly because of said atrophy): top and side of upper thighs

Comfortable as far as pod goes but not comfortable when sitting, though good absorption: upper butt

In two years of podding, I’ve had the occasional bleeding when a pod is removed. Not related to any one place in particular. And I bled after the odd injection, too, so it’s no big deal.


I wear my pods on my upper and lower thighs, my upper butt, my lower back and occasionally my arms (mostly reserved for Dex). I find the pods comfortable in all of those places. I am always wearing jeans and I have no problem with them under the jeans.

My butt is my favorite place and it doesn’t bother me at all when I am sitting. I wear it just above where I sit and below my waistband. I don’t even know it’s there. I also like my lower back a lot, but I find that when I work out I tend to sweat there, so it doesn’t stick as well. I like my thighs, but it bothers me a bit when I sleep. I find that I can’t sleep on the side that the pod is on so it limits my sleeping positions. I never wear it on my stomach because I hate having anything on my stomach.