Pod Placement Successes and Failures

Thank you and I didn’t mean to hijack the thread. I know that is a no no in various forums. Anyhow, I did want to say I was daring and tried a new pod on my stomach (I don’t recommend that, very itchy!) Now im trying on my upper inside arms. Still too chicken to try my thighs/legs. (I think there is a chicken joke in that statement somewhere).

I honestly (that I remember) never had a doctor tell me I was T2. But my first dr was a pcp who recommended opioids for restless leg syndrome. Soooooooo not sure if he was a real dr or a quack lol. Interesting fact, he joined the hospital’s practice, when they tried to kill me so maybe he WAS a quack.

My Endo (who I love) is ALWAYS excited to tell me about the latest stuff for diabetes! She is like a little kid in a toy store the way her eyes light up. But she likes saving people money too.

Sorry sorry I did it again, hijacking the thread. :hushed::confounded:


My favorite spots for Pods tho’ occasionally I have bumped ‘em out of place. Insulet is great about sending replacements.

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Don’t worry about thread hijacking here. Everyone is really nice! And the mods are happy to move stuff around to give it room to grow into its own thread, so more folks can learn from it. :wink: (I’m going to try to find my laptop so I can move your posts, unless another mod beats me to it or you object).

Also there are a few threads about pod placement, most linked in this article, which a new user might find helpful.

And please, feel frustrated if you like! @Chris is right, that’s why FUD exists basically. Sharing those frustrating moments sometimes leads to finding solutions you didn’t know were out there! We joined FUD a while ago and have learned so much (my partner EH is T1, Dx 2005).


To this list of sites I will add pecs, any part there’s tissue to pinch up, and up toward the shoulder joint. Though I’m not sure how well it works for females.

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Thank you!