Omnipod bicep area?


I’m pretty much brand spanking new to omnipod or any pump. I have had it for about 36 hours now and already love it. I have been using a dexcom for about 2 months now.

I currently have omnipod on the bottom of my left arm (tricep).

I picked this site for several reasons. With the dexcom I tried first on my stomach and knocked it off in less than six hours. My thighs were INCREDIBLY sensitive to the pain of placing the sensor to the point where I couldn’t force myself to continue pushing the plunger down all the way and wasted a sensor from being a bit of a panty- waist. I tried my inner thigh and while the pain was tolerable the irritation factor was not! I have Asperger’s and while CBT helped with almost everything else I am still really touch sensitive. When trying to sleep and feeling that bit of hard plastic between my legs made me bananas.

I found my bicep to be perfect for my dexcom. No problems at all. Even when I lay on my right side to sleep I don’t notice the dexcom there.

Like I said the omnipod is currently in my left tricep. I’m right handed so thought the back of my left arm would basically be perfect cause I must never use that area. Boy was I wrong. I have RA in my hips and lower spine and have come to realize that getting off the couch involves me digging my elbow and tricep into the couch arm and leveraging to take some strain from my weaker lower right half. I also do this in bed apparently. I also lay on my left side and hold things with my left hand while reading in bed. This is all leading to the omnipod being lightly tugged. It seems admirably stuck on there but it is a worry that I’ll waste large amounts of insulin or pods this way.

I understand that pod placement has a lot to do with the area having a suitable enough amount of fat. I promise, that’s not a problem. I have enough fat on my bicep for two people.

Can I just give this a go later today when I have to do my first change? I’m really hoping I can as I believe this is my best and most comfortable option.

Sorry about the wall of text…

Hi and welcome to FUD and Podding! I think everybody tries different spots for Pods until they settle on what works best. I am able to use my upper thighs and across my abdomen. Upper arm works great for my Dexcom, too, but not as well for Pods. Lower back/upper butt also works well for many people. Keep experimenting till you come up with a rotation that suits your needs. :smiley_cat:

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Hi Catiya,
I’ve had some success with them on my arms, all over. Also on shoulders. And as you’ve described, it really just comes down to finding a place that doesn’t get in the way of sleeping or any activities.

The pump will work (somewhat) no matter where it is, but some places will absorb better than others, and will work better. So you just have to try a lot of spots to figure it out. My forearms worked too, but it wasn’t comfortable and got in the way, so I don’t use that area anymore. But I tried it to know.

Also, ask Allison too. @T1Allison. I think she has a thread about this somewhere.


Are you asking if you can use your bicep vs tricep? As long as you have a good rotation pattern to give every pod spot a rest to heal up before reusing the area, you should be fine. I use arms/butt for pods and low back for dexcom. I can’t get anywhere else to work for my Dexcom.

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This might help, too. My skin needs a rest from the pod adhesive before reusing an area, so you might want to watch for that.

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